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The solution for the clue "Amusement park attraction" from Daily Themed crossword puzzle is mentioned here below. .

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's puzzle is "Amusement park attraction" and the answer is "RIDE". This clue is correctly associated with the answer because:

  1. Vocabulary: The word "attraction" in the clue suggests something that draws people in and provides entertainment, enjoyment, or excitement. In an amusement park, various activities and features are considered attractions, but in this case, the crossword puzzle specifically wants a singular term.
  2. Synonyms: "RIDE" is a well-known synonym for amusement park attractions. From roller coasters to carousels, Ferris wheels to water slides, all of these are considered rides within an amusement park setting.
  3. Common Usage: The answer "RIDE" perfectly fits the clue because it is a commonly used term associated with amusement park attractions. It is a straightforward and concise answer that accurately captures the essence of what people typically refer to when talking about activities in an amusement park.
  4. Logic: When solving a crossword puzzle, it's important to find an answer that satisfies all the given clues, both horizontally and vertically. Given the length of the answer boxes and the intersecting letters, "RIDE" is the only logical word that fits, considering the other words in the puzzle.

In summary, "Amusement park attraction" is a clue that can only be connected to the answer "RIDE" because of its vocabulary, synonymity, common usage, and logical fit within the grid. Remember, solving crossword puzzles is not only a leisurely activity but also a mental exercise that challenges our linguistic and analytical skills.

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More Answers:

  • RIDE

Definition of "RIDE"

sit on and control the movement of (an animal, typically a horse)

Example :
  • the Metro rode as well as some cars of twice the price
  • neighbours rode loads of prickly pear to feed their animals
  • a stream of young surfers fighting the elements to ride the waves

  •  The Crossword clue "Amusement park attraction" published 27 time/s & has 9 answer/s. 
    Daily Themed3 April 2024RIDE
    Wall Street Journal16 January 2024RIDE
    New York Times21 March 2022RIDE
    USA Today10 December 2021RIDE
    The Telegraph - Quick11 May 2020SCENICRAILWAY
    Family Time Crossword12 August 2018RIDE
    Universal17 February 2016RIDE
    The Guardian27 July 2013BIGDIPPER
    Eugene Sheffer – King Feature Syndicate9 June 2012RIDE
    L.A. Times Daily7 March 2010GOKARTS
    Newsday.com3 January 2010RIDE

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