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Its time to solve ""Am not!" retort" crossword clue for today's "USA Today" daily crossword.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

To solve today's crossword puzzle, you came across the clue "Am not! retort." The answer for this clue is "ARESO." Let's break down the clue and explain why it leads to this answer.

  1. "Am not!" - This phrase is often used as a retort in response to a statement or accusation. It is a way to deny what has been said. The keyword here is "not," which indicates negation.
  2. Retort - A "retort" refers to a quick or witty response to a remark. The combination of "Am not!" and "retort" suggests that we are looking for a word or phrase that represents a denial or a comeback.
Based on the clue's context and the need for a response to a statement, the answer "ARESO" fits perfectly. It starts with "ARE," which is a form of the verb "to be," indicating existence or identity. This aligns with the denial connotation of the clue. The final two letters, "SO," add emphasis or intensify the denial, making it a suitable retort. In summary, the clue "Am not! retort" directs us to the answer "ARESO." The combination of "ARE" and "SO" effectively represents a response of denial or contradiction. Crossword puzzles like this one challenge our linguistic skills by requiring us to think creatively and connect various word associations. Keep up the great work, and enjoy solving the rest of the crossword puzzle!

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 The Crossword clue ""Am not!" retort" published 28 time/s & has 2 answer/s. 
USA Today16 February 2024ARESO
L.A. Times Daily25 September 2023ARESO
Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate16 April 2023ARESO
Universal23 February 2023ARETOO
Crossword Champ Premium2 September 2022ARESO
Newsday.com26 September 2021ARESO
Wall Street Journal16 August 2016ARESO

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