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Today, we will solve the crossword clue "Afterwards, Pacino joined on the side". We looked carefully into these recent clues and this is the best answer we got.

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue "Afterwards, Pacino joined on the side" leads us to the answer "LATERAL."

The clue "Afterwards" suggests that we are looking for a word that indicates something happening after a certain event or time. This sets the stage for our answer.

The second part of the clue, "Pacino joined on the side," provides a crucial hint. We need to find a word that can be associated with Pacino and joining, but also has the additional meaning of being on the side.

The answer, "LATERAL," fits perfectly. "Lateral" can mean something that occurs or exists on the side. In this context, Pacino joining on the side means that he is joining something in a lateral position or manner.

To further illustrate the connection between the clue and the answer, let's break it down:

  1. Afterwards: Indicates that we are looking for something happening in a later position or time.
  2. Pacino joined: Provides a specific reference to Al Pacino, the well-known actor.
  3. On the side: Implies that the joining is happening in a lateral position or manner.

Therefore, when we combine these elements, we arrive at the answer "LATERAL." It satisfies all the components of the clue and accurately represents the intended meaning.

Crossword clues can be challenging and require a keen eye for wordplay and connections. The combination of "Afterwards, Pacino joined on the side" leads us to the answer "LATERAL," which perfectly captures the essence of the clue.

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Definition of "LATERAL"

of, at, towards, or from the side or sides

Example :
  • the plant takes up water through its lateral roots
  • the upper lateral incisor
  • the radius lies lateral to the ulna

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