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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Acquire knowledge" and the answer is "LEARN".

There are several reasons why "LEARN" is the correct answer for this clue:

  1. Verb associated with acquiring knowledge: "LEARN" is a verb that perfectly captures the action of acquiring knowledge. When someone learns something new, they are gaining knowledge or understanding about a particular subject or topic.
  2. Generalized clue: The clue "Acquire knowledge" provides a broad and open-ended description, which makes it suitable for the answer "LEARN." Learning is a fundamental process that can encompass various methods and types of knowledge acquisition, allowing for a versatile and encompassing answer.
  3. Commonly used term: "LEARN" is a widely recognized and frequently used word associated with education and knowledge acquisition. It is a simple and straightforward term that is easily understood and fits well within the context of crossword puzzles.
  4. Multiple meanings: While the primary meaning of "LEARN" is acquiring knowledge, it can also refer to picking up new skills or understanding something previously unknown. This versatility aligns with the diverse range of clues and answers often found in crossword puzzles.
  5. Length and letter count: "LEARN" matches the length requirement specified by the number of squares in the crossword puzzle. It consists of five letters, which helps confirm its validity as the correct answer.
  6. Additional supporting clues: Crossword puzzles often provide complementary clues that help reinforce the correct answer. In this case, other clues in the puzzle might point towards "LEARN" as the answer, either through synonyms like "educate" or through related terms like "gain knowledge."

The answer "LEARN" accurately fits the description provided by the clue "Acquire knowledge" in the crossword puzzle. It meets the criteria of representing a verb associated with acquiring knowledge, is a generally applicable and commonly used term, has multiple meanings that align with the context of crossword puzzles, matches the required length and letter count, and is further supported by related clues.

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Definition of "LEARN"

gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught

Example :
  • they'd started learning French
  • she is learning to play the piano
  • we learn from experience

  •  The Crossword clue "Acquire knowledge" published 75 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Star Tribune26 May 2024LEARN
    The Times Concise30 December 2023LEARN
    Penny dell4 December 2023LEARN
    Daily Quick24 September 2023LEARN
    Mini Crossword21 July 2023LEARN
    Newsday.com13 February 2023LEARN
    Daily Celebrity18 October 2020Learn
    The Telegraph - Quick24 September 2019LEARN
    The Guardian Quick21 March 2019LEARN
    Crossword Climber3 July 2018LEARN
    Universal27 June 2018LEARN
    The Sun Two Speed16 May 2018LEARN
    USA Today21 July 2015LEARN
    Irish Times Simplex12 August 2014LEARN
    The Guardian14 November 2000LEARN

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