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Today we are going to solve the crossword clue "Absence noted in vape pen ads" ,After checking out all the recent clues we got the best answer below:

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "Absence noted in vape pen ads" corresponds to the answer "NOTAR". Let's break down the clue to understand how it leads us to this solution.

  1. Absence: This word indicates that something is missing or not present.
  2. Noted: This suggests that we need to pay attention to or take notice of something.
  3. In: This preposition indicates that something is inside or contained within something else.
  4. Vape pen ads: This refers to advertisements for vape pens, which are electronic devices used to inhale vaporized substances.

Taking these individual parts into account:

  • We start with the idea of something missing or not present, which could be represented by the concept of "absence".
  • The word "noted" suggests that there is something significant to pay attention to, hinting that we should focus on a specific detail.
  • The combination of "in" and "vape pen ads" suggests that we need to look within the context of vape pen advertisements.

Putting it all together, the answer "NOTAR" fits this clue in the following way:

  • The absence can be found in the word "NOT" by omitting the letter "A" from it.
  • We note this absence by realizing that the remaining letters, "NOT", are also a commonly used word.
  • Lastly, the phrase "vape pen ads" indicates that the clue is related to a word or concept connected to vape pens, leading us to the answer "NOTAR".

So, in summary, "NOTAR" is the correct answer because it reflects the absence noted within vape pen ads.

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Definition of "NOTAR"

Frequently attributive A trademark for a system of helicopter propulsion in which an anti-torque force is generated by the circulation of air through and around the tail boom, thus dispensing with the need for a tail rotor; a helicopter propelled by this system.

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