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Today is 4 April 2024 and we are bringing to you a great solution from Daily Quick crossword.
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword puzzle is "Able to be read" and the answer for this clue is "LEGIBLE". Let's break down why this clue fits with the answer:

  1. Clue: Able to be read - The clue is asking for a word that describes something that can be read. It implies that there is a certain quality or characteristic that allows text or writing to be easily understood.
  2. Answer: LEGIBLE - The answer to the clue is "LEGIBLE", which means easily readable or clear enough to be read. This word perfectly matches the given clue because it specifically refers to the ability of written text to be comprehended without difficulty.

Here's why "LEGIBLE" is the correct answer:

  • Definition: "Legible" is an adjective that describes something that is clear enough to be read easily.
  • Connection to the Clue: The connection between the clue and the answer lies in the fact that "legible" directly addresses the ability of text or writing to be read without difficulty. When something is legible, it means it possesses the quality of being easily readable.
  • Example: For instance, if you have a document that has been printed with clean, well-formed letters and a suitable font size, it is likely to be legible. On the other hand, if the text is smudged, the letters are too small or poorly formed, or the font is hard to decipher, the text may be considered illegible.

In summary, the clue "Able to be read" leads us to the answer "LEGIBLE" because it accurately describes the quality of written text that is clear, comprehensible, and easily readable.

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Definition of "LEGIBLE"

(of handwriting or print) clear enough to read

Example :
  • the original typescript is scarcely legible

  •  The Crossword clue "Able to be read" published 21 time/s & has 1 answer/s. 
    Daily Quick4 April 2024LEGIBLE - Concise3 March 2024LEGIBLE
    The Times Concise15 February 2020LEGIBLE
    The Guardian Quick10 September 2019LEGIBLE

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