Abandoning hotel, fiend has smashed dish Crossword Clue

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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, we have the clue "Abandoning hotel, fiend has smashed dish" with the answer "GOULASH."

This clue consists of a wordplay and definition combination. Let's break it down to understand why "GOULASH" is the correct answer:

  1. Abandoning hotel: The word "abandoning" indicates that we need to remove the letters of the word "hotel" from our solution. So, we can deduct that the answer does not contain the letters H, O, T, E, and L.
  2. Fiend: The term "fiend" serves as a synonym for "devil" or an evil entity. This clue suggests that the answer includes a word to describe such a being.
  3. Smashed dish: The phrase "smashed dish" implies that we need to find a word or term related to a broken or damaged plate. This part of the clue hints towards a form of cooking or food that might be presented in a disarrayed or mixed-up manner.

Combining the derived information from the three parts of the clue, "GOULASH" emerges as the appropriate answer. Let's see how it matches:

  1. The word "GOULASH" does not contain any of the letters from "hotel," fulfilling the "abandoning hotel" requirement.
  2. "GOULASH" contains the word "GOU," which is a word often used to describe a wicked or evil person. Therefore, it fits the "fiend" component of the clue.
  3. "GOULASH" is a dish characterized by being a flavorful, stew-like meal made by combining various ingredients. The cooking process often results in a mixture of different components, just like a smashed dish, thus satisfying the "smashed dish" part of the clue.

In conclusion, after analyzing each segment of the clue and considering the explanation above, we can confirm that the answer "GOULASH" accurately corresponds to the given crossword clue, "Abandoning hotel, fiend has smashed dish."

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Definition of "GOULASH"

a highly seasoned Hungarian soup or stew of meat and vegetables, flavoured with paprika.

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The Times Cryptic24 September 2022GOULASH

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