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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue for today's crossword is "A quiet friend finds fish horrific" and the answer is "APPALLING". Let's break down why this clue has this answer:

  1. The clue starts with "A quiet friend". Here, "quiet" indicates the need for a synonym which means silent or lacking noise. In crossword puzzles, "quiet" often refers to the letter "P".
  2. The next part of the clue is "friend finds fish". "Finds" implies that we need to find a synonym for "fish" and combine it with the previous letter, "P". A common crossword synonym for "fish" is "eel". Therefore, we have "PE".
  3. Finally, we have "horrific". This clue word indicates that we are looking for a word that means extremely shocking or appalling. And that word is "APPALLING".

So, by combining the letter "P" from "quiet", "E" from "eel", and "APPALLING" from "horrific", we get the word "APPALLING" as the answer to today's crossword clue.

Crossword puzzles often present clues that require a combination of wordplay and lateral thinking. This particular clue uses a combination of synonyms and hidden connections between words to lead us to the answer. It shows how the seemingly unrelated phrases "quiet friend", "finds fish", and "horrific" can come together to form a word that fits the given letters and meaning.

Remember, solving crossword puzzles not only provides entertainment but also helps improve cognitive abilities and vocabulary skills. So keep challenging yourself with these brain-teasing puzzles!

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Definition of "APPALLING"

causing shock or dismay; horrific

Example :
  • the cat suffered appalling injuries during the attack
  • his conduct was appalling

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