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Today is 24 September 2022 and we are bringing to you a great solution from The Guardian Quick crossword.
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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

The clue "A grinder?" leads us to the answer "MOLAR."

1. The clue is a play on words. When we think of a grinder, we might initially think of a machine used to grind something, like coffee beans or spices. However, in this case, the clue is referring to a different kind of grinder - a tooth. A molar is one of the teeth located at the back of the mouth that is primarily responsible for grinding and chewing food.

2. The question mark at the end of the clue indicates that it is a tricky clue, requiring us to think beyond the obvious literal meaning. Crossword puzzles often employ wordplay and puns to add an element of challenge and fun.

3. The answer "MOLAR" fits perfectly with the clue's description of a grinder. It is a single word that clearly represents a tooth capable of grinding food. It also satisfies the crossword grid, with the correct number of letters and proper alignment with the intersecting words.

4. In crossword puzzles, clues and answers are carefully crafted to create a unique and thought-provoking experience for the solver. The clue "A grinder?" and the answer "MOLAR" exemplify this by utilizing wordplay and leading the solver to think beyond the obvious.

In conclusion, the clue "A grinder?" corresponds to the answer "MOLAR" because it cleverly refers to a tooth that grinds food, using wordplay and a question mark to add an extra layer of challenge.

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Definition of "MOLAR"

a grinding tooth at the back of a mammal's mouth.

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The Guardian Quick24 September 2022MOLAR

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