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Understanding Today's Crossword Puzzle

In today's crossword puzzle, the clue is "A bun is thrown at deity" and the answer is "ANUBIS". Let's break it down to understand why this clue has this answer:

  1. A bun: This part of the clue suggests that we are looking for a word that starts with the letters "A" and "BUN".
  2. Thrown at: This phrase hints at some kind of action involving the word we are looking for.
  3. Deity: This indicates that the word we are searching for is related to a god or a divine being.

Putting all these elements together, we can deduce that the answer to the clue "A bun is thrown at deity" is "ANUBIS".

Anubis is an ancient Egyptian deity associated with mummification, the afterlife, and the protection of graves. He is often depicted with the head of a jackal and was believed to guide souls to the underworld. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Anubis played a significant role in the rituals associated with death.

By considering the individual parts of the clue and their relationship to the answer, we can conclude that "ANUBIS" is the correct solution. Crossword puzzles challenge our language and analytical skills, and solving them requires the ability to decipher the clues and make connections between the words and their meanings.

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Definition of "ANUBIS"

the god of mummification, protector of tombs, typically represented as having a dog's head.

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Mirror cryptic28 October 2023ANUBIS

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