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  1. 1.Friendly waggers
  2. 2.Japanese rolls
  3. 3.Caged talker
  4. 4.Tool for digging furrows
  5. 5.Joining squad in opening game
  6. 6.One going from party to party
  7. 7.Forsaken, in poetry
  8. 8.Steaming mad
  9. 9.It's what you think
  10. 10.On the same wavelength
  11. 11.Right triangle ratios
  12. 12."From Here to Eternity" Oscar winner
  13. 13.Dog collar attachments
  14. 14.Mosaicist or glassblower

About Word Craze

Designed and developed for both Android and iOS platforms, Word Maze is a new generation word game brought to you by Yew Technology Limited. It is a thoroughly entertaining and adventurous word puzzle game that was published recently by the Betta Games studio which has previously developed and launched other famous games such as Word Villas, Word Buddies and Word Crossy. The company is known for making new and innovative word puzzle games with high quality colorful animation themes.
Word Craze is a travel themed word game that takes you through Anns’s (the main character) journey across the world, through different countries, customs and things that she comes across. The game not only helps you learn about different countries but also enriches your general knowledge and vocabulary.

The game is divided into a number of different levels which ultimately forms the journey that you follow for finishing the game. With every level you play, the game keeps getting harder and includes more number of levels than the earlier ones.

How to Play?

Ann’s journey takes you across the world beginning from Departures (level 1 to 6) and then going to different countries such as Egypt, followed by Morocco (level 17 to 44), Greece (level 45 to 84), etc. In order to solve these levels, you need to answer all the clues and fill the missing letters in the puzzle. Some of these clues also include pictures to help you find the answers quicker.
Word Craze also offers you a daily puzzle section, in case you are not satisfied with it’s around the world journey. The daily puzzle is accessible only after you complete the 8th level of the game. With every successful level that you cross, you win rewards such as coins that are very useful for purchasing hints or power-ups for enhancing your gaming experience. These rewards not only boost you to play the game longer but also glued to the game.

One exciting fact that makes Word Craze more interesting and challenging is its ability to connect with your Facebook account. Once you connect the game with your facebook, you can save your score and even compare it with your friends or other players. You also win 100 free coins to play the game further.
Interesting features

  • Completely Free to play with in-app purchases.
  • Easy game to begin with
  • Exercises your brain and also relaxes you at the same time
  • Very challenging and helps increase your vocabulary
  • Offers more variety of levels
  • Get picture clues to find answers
  • Every level you play is a new destination
  • New levels and variety every day
  • Let’s you review interesting history or events about a specific date
  • Get new riddles or puzzle every few hours
  • Read their puzzle blog to get more knowledge
  • Gather book buddies during your journey
  • Refreshing music and a very engaging gaming environment.

Download Word Craze for Free at Google Store – Click Here.

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