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  1. 1.Recipe direction
  2. 2.Senator's attire
  3. 3.Diet-wrecking treat
  4. 4."¿Qué ___?”
  5. 5.Canine mascot in Target commercials
  6. 6.Gelatin substitute
  7. 7.Preceded
  8. 8.Tickle
  9. 9.Applejack base
  10. 10.One hot dog stand in Manhattan spawned more than 400 of these worldwide
  11. 11.He joined Seleção Brasileira de Futebol at age 16
  12. 12.Real stinker
  13. 13.Cornhole shot
  14. 14.You can count on them
  15. 15.Letters you can phone in
  16. 16.Hub across the bay from OAK
  17. 17.Spiny plant with sweet sap
  18. 18.Casual farewell
  19. 19.Body art, informally
  20. 20.Amanda Gorman productions
  21. 21.Skier's spot
  22. 22.___ Razberi (flavored vodka brand)
  23. 23.Entangle
  24. 24.Visited via jet
  25. 25.Time at the top
  26. 26.Milky Way components
  27. 27.Salty cheeses
  28. 28.Snazzy style
  29. 29.Theater achievement
  30. 30.Capital amid five lakes
  31. 31.Sloppily sentimental
  32. 32.Campus overlooking the Mississippi R.
  33. 33.Toric
  34. 34."What up, homie!”
  35. 35.Hindu hero
  36. 36.Went downhill fast
  37. 37.Kuwait, e.g.
  38. 38.Flows out
  39. 39.High degree
  40. 40.Sports awards since 1993
  41. 41.Innovative
  42. 42.Enjoyed a pond, perhaps
  43. 43.Heroes of the sky
  44. 44.Subcontinent title of respect
  45. 45.World Court site, with "The”
  46. 46.Course figure
  47. 47.Close to, in telling time
  48. 48.Fairway placement
  49. 49.Chavez awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  50. 50.Chiding sounds
  51. 51.Dangerous descent
  52. 52.Crane, often
  53. 53.Like some gridiron kicks
  54. 54.Bit of bad luck
  55. 55.Cut down
  56. 56.Tear
  57. 57.Renegades on the road
  58. 58.Nicklaus won four of them
  59. 59.Ticket for a traffic violation
  60. 60.Odyssey
  61. 61.Auto introduced in 1903
  62. 62.Scotland's longest river
  63. 63.Maker of Aspire PCs
  64. 64.Bakers, on occasion
  65. 65.Brewpub orders
  66. 66.Limelight site, and a hint to the positions of this puzzle's circled names
  67. 67.Drive off
  68. 68.Calls on
  69. 69.Reggae legend Peter
  70. 70.Dish jockey?
  71. 71.Eat into
  72. 72.Discount recipient, sometimes
  73. 73.Put out
  74. 74.Jolt of juice
  75. 75.Forgoes marketing messages, say
  76. 76.Stud setting
  77. 77.Spot cost
  78. 78.Most in need of a massage
  79. 79.Being, in Boulogne
  80. 80.Jamaican tangelo
  81. 81.Titled women
  82. 82.Sushi topper
  83. 83.Guinness who played George Smiley
  84. 84.Out of luck, informally
  85. 85.Masks and gloves for hosp. staff
  86. 86.Classroom items
  87. 87.Second word of "The Raven”
  88. 88.Core belief
  89. 89.Kaepernick coif
  90. 90.Ref. that added "spidey sense” and "turnt” in 2023
  91. 91.Twiddled one's thumbs
  92. 92.Dumpy digs
  93. 93.It's a little over a foot
  94. 94.Iron man, maybe
  95. 95.Phoenix pro
  96. 96.Perform a task perfectly
  97. 97.Canvas holder
  98. 98.Logical flaw
  99. 99.Mag. staffers
  100. 100.Superfluous
  101. 101.Very much
  102. 102.Rot
  103. 103.Nonspecific position in a list
  104. 104.Opined to excess
  105. 105."This is a dumb idea”
  106. 106.Lend a hand
  107. 107.Sprite's place, say
  108. 108.Awkwardly formal
  109. 109.Shuttle astronaut Ellen
  110. 110.Like lambs
  111. 111.Chooses the road less traveled by, perhaps
  112. 112.Filled in for
  113. 113.Fiend
  114. 114.Key
  115. 115.Word on many name tags
  116. 116.Innovative sort
  117. 117.Retreats for rejuvenating
  118. 118.Cash flowing in
  119. 119.Pirates' approvals
  120. 120.Least hopping, as a party
  121. 121.Hue and cry
  122. 122.Boiling state
  123. 123.Audiophiles' setups
  124. 124.In ___ (soon)
  125. 125.Somewhat
  126. 126.Brand with a paw print logo
  127. 127.Online images
  128. 128.Minuscule
  129. 129.Holders of merit badges
  130. 130.What's missing from e-tickets
  131. 131.Suspension system part
  132. 132."Was there anything else?”
  133. 133.Transmit
  134. 134.Dr. with Grammys
  135. 135.Understand in a particular way
  136. 136.Org. with suits and briefs
  137. 137.Burros' burdens
  138. 138.Singer Erykah
  139. 139.Dallas cager
  140. 140.Lang of Smallville
  141. 141.Pine relative?
  142. 142.When you'll be there, briefly

About Wall Street Journal Crosswords

The crosswords at WSJ are cryptic and mostly written personally by Mike or by the infamous anonymous or pseudonym crossword constructors. These puzzles are then carefully analysed by Mike to ensure that that the puzzles are cryptic, adventurous, accurate and addictive for the Wall Street Journal crossword fans.
The Friday WSJ crossword features a contest for all puzzle lovers to solve (a puzzle within a puzzle which is usually a single word such as country name, movie title, a phrase, etc.).
The Saturday crossword is usually a large crossword, apt for the weekend along with another additional speciality word puzzle that is mostly created from assorted cryptics and puzzles by master crossword and puzzle creators from the country such as Emily Cox, Patrick Berry, Henry Rathvon and also Mike Shenk.
Apart from these basic crossword puzzle, you will also find the Varsity Math weekly puzzle that is constructed by the National Museum of Mathematics for all WSJ crossword fans. The daily WSJ crossword puzzle answers are provided right next to the next day’s puzzle.
The Varsity Math puzzle’s answer is published the following week. However, certain answers to puzzles are delayed as they may be a part of relay puzzle, where the answer of one puzzle helps solve another week’s puzzle.

Wall Street Journal Crossword Contests

The WSJ crossword contests are intended only for participants residing in United States. Each Friday, the WSJ includes a special Friday crossword puzzle with a complete grid that reveals clues for the players to solve the weekly question or problem. The weekly question is posed along with the Week’s Friday puzzle.
The Wall Street Journal Crossword answers should be mailed to the WSJ crossword contest team by midnight on Sunday.
The contest limits one entry per person per email-id. Participants who are 18 years and older and are legal residents of United States are eligible to participate in the contest. However, employees and their immediate family members who are associated to the sponsors, the newspaper, the creators, affiliates, subsidiaries, prize suppliers or promotion agencies are not eligible for the contest.
Sponsors choose one random winner from all eligible entries who have correctly answered the Weekly Question. The winners are contacted by WSJ via their provided email address and will receive their prize through the mailing address provided by the winner.
WSJ Puzzle Authors: Mike Shenk, Henry Rathvon, Patrick Berry and Emily cox.

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