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  1. 1.Memorial mound
  2. 2.Like the Brandenburg Gate's columns
  3. 3.Gradual narrowing
  4. 4.Jagged peaks
  5. 5.Capitol Bldg. figure
  6. 6.Bit of fen flora
  7. 7.Pointy teeth
  8. 8.Group with a continental travel pass
  9. 9.Sweet counterpart
  10. 10.Lisbon lady
  11. 11.Corrupt, quaintly
  12. 12.Genius at baseball and football trivia?
  13. 13.Intensive H.S. science course
  14. 14.Made deeper, as a trench
  15. 15.Head line
  16. 16.West African nation with a policy of benevolence?
  17. 17.Pistons' place
  18. 18.Long time, in London
  19. 19.Psyche component
  20. 20.Having a jaunty rhythm
  21. 21.Accepting bribes, say
  22. 22.Bounty hunter shot by Han Solo
  23. 23.Soul seller
  24. 24.Some sacrifices
  25. 25.Cry from the bleachers
  26. 26.Spill over
  27. 27.Flight part
  28. 28.In present condition
  29. 29.Parade sight
  30. 30.Head honchos
  31. 31.Common purpose
  32. 32.Flowers in much Chinese art
  33. 33.Puma part
  34. 34.Critical remark
  35. 35.Cabinet wood
  36. 36.Crematory vessels
  37. 37.Interest or benefit
  38. 38.A seeming eternity
  39. 39.Where the x-axis and y-axis cross
  40. 40.Zippo product
  41. 41.Gets into a habit, say
  42. 42.Turning tools
  43. 43.MLB bigwigs
  44. 44.Like villains, at times
  45. 45.BB-8, for one
  46. 46.Figuring out what "The Thinker” is thinking about?
  47. 47.French article
  48. 48.Gifts from Mom and Dad
  49. 49.Take to work, say
  50. 50.Nation whose official languages are French and Creole
  51. 51.Woodland home of a supermarket worker?
  52. 52."Full House” twins
  53. 53.Flammable gas
  54. 54.Norman in George W. Bush's administration
  55. 55."My lips ___ sealed”
  56. 56.Mass of stones on a mountain slope
  57. 57.End for cyto- or proto-
  58. 58.Social insect
  59. 59.Like some currents
  60. 60.2020-22 Chuck Lorre sitcom
  61. 61.Prime
  62. 62.Brand with a torch logo
  63. 63.Peruse
  64. 64.Smoothed out
  65. 65.Lamenting lines
  66. 66.Respectful 79-Across
  67. 67.Ga. airport code
  68. 68.Cut back
  69. 69.Bore
  70. 70.La La Land setting
  71. 71.Famous
  72. 72.Launch into a core-strengthening routine?
  73. 73.Bloke
  74. 74.Brightest star in Scorpius
  75. 75.Wandering
  76. 76.Fissures
  77. 77.Green field?
  78. 78.Police traps
  79. 79.Precocious title character in an Oscar-winning film
  80. 80.Pretender
  81. 81.Tablet text
  82. 82."Double Fantasy” musician
  83. 83.Present partially
  84. 84.Nickname akin to Liz
  85. 85.Ho Chi Minh City, before 1976
  86. 86.Acting mindlessly
  87. 87.Film for which Denzel Washington won his first Oscar
  88. 88.Puts one's foot down, perhaps
  89. 89."Underworld” director Wiseman
  90. 90.Walk doggedly
  91. 91.Builder's figures
  92. 92.Saloon stock
  93. 93.Bully, say
  94. 94.Social insect
  95. 95.Fire proof
  96. 96.Sadat succeeded him
  97. 97.Northern seabird nesting in newly fallen snow?
  98. 98.Four-time Australian Open champ
  99. 99.Move swiftly
  100. 100.Warning
  101. 101.Site of a canted campanile
  102. 102.Hoffman putting money into a Broadway show?
  103. 103.British track athlete Steve
  104. 104.In the distant past
  105. 105.Ultimatum finish
  106. 106.Less exciting
  107. 107.Photo app options
  108. 108.Bellhop's burden
  109. 109."Calendar Girl” singer
  110. 110.Zealot
  111. 111.Life summaries, for short
  112. 112.Paul of "The Fabelmans”
  113. 113.Disapproving glances
  114. 114.Fitness
  115. 115.Outdo
  116. 116.Like CD and Blu-ray media
  117. 117.Fuming feeling
  118. 118.Meal that includes eating of the maror
  119. 119.Divisors and dividends, e.g.
  120. 120.Align
  121. 121.Kaley of "The Flight Attendant”
  122. 122."___'s Way” (1993 Brian De Palma film)
  123. 123.Made a mess of
  124. 124.Removes evidence of fallibility
  125. 125.Richard of "Primal Fear”
  126. 126.Wrapped garment
  127. 127.Pollster's determination
  128. 128.Venmo recipients
  129. 129.Sch. with an annual Mystery Hunt
  130. 130.Number from a dealer

About Wall Street Journal Crosswords

The crosswords at WSJ are cryptic and mostly written personally by Mike or by the infamous anonymous or pseudonym crossword constructors. These puzzles are then carefully analysed by Mike to ensure that that the puzzles are cryptic, adventurous, accurate and addictive for the Wall Street Journal crossword fans.
The Friday WSJ crossword features a contest for all puzzle lovers to solve (a puzzle within a puzzle which is usually a single word such as country name, movie title, a phrase, etc.).
The Saturday crossword is usually a large crossword, apt for the weekend along with another additional speciality word puzzle that is mostly created from assorted cryptics and puzzles by master crossword and puzzle creators from the country such as Emily Cox, Patrick Berry, Henry Rathvon and also Mike Shenk.
Apart from these basic crossword puzzle, you will also find the Varsity Math weekly puzzle that is constructed by the National Museum of Mathematics for all WSJ crossword fans. The daily WSJ crossword puzzle answers are provided right next to the next day’s puzzle.
The Varsity Math puzzle’s answer is published the following week. However, certain answers to puzzles are delayed as they may be a part of relay puzzle, where the answer of one puzzle helps solve another week’s puzzle.

Wall Street Journal Crossword Contests

The WSJ crossword contests are intended only for participants residing in United States. Each Friday, the WSJ includes a special Friday crossword puzzle with a complete grid that reveals clues for the players to solve the weekly question or problem. The weekly question is posed along with the Week’s Friday puzzle.
The Wall Street Journal Crossword answers should be mailed to the WSJ crossword contest team by midnight on Sunday.
The contest limits one entry per person per email-id. Participants who are 18 years and older and are legal residents of United States are eligible to participate in the contest. However, employees and their immediate family members who are associated to the sponsors, the newspaper, the creators, affiliates, subsidiaries, prize suppliers or promotion agencies are not eligible for the contest.
Sponsors choose one random winner from all eligible entries who have correctly answered the Weekly Question. The winners are contacted by WSJ via their provided email address and will receive their prize through the mailing address provided by the winner.
WSJ Puzzle Authors: Mike Shenk, Henry Rathvon, Patrick Berry and Emily cox.

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