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  1. 1.___ Bates, first woman truck driver to receive a New York driver's license
  2. 2.Gymnast ___ Raisman, 2012 gold medal Olympian in the team and floor competitions
  3. 3.Abbreviated name of the medical equipment used on the cover of Nirvana's 1993 album "In Utero"
  4. 4.The New Yorker cartoonist who contributed 99 covers from 1925-69 and was once described as "the magazine's first genius"
  5. 5.What Meg Ryan said 15 times in a row in "When Harry Met Sally..."
  6. 6.2013 competition where Mitchie Brusco became the first person to land a 1080 at in the Big Air event
  7. 7.___ Goode Byington, joint proprietor, editor and manager of the Columbus Evening Ledger in the 1880s
  8. 8.According to Jacob's Creek, an Australian winemaker, a survey in 2007 found this to be 7:47pm in the UK
  9. 9.Company started in 1971 by Frederick Smith that today has the corporate motto "Helping you get back to business"
  10. 10."Hammerin' Hank" ___, first aviator in WWII to receive the Medal of Honor
  11. 11.Puppet, racket or sonnet suffixes
  12. 12.The Michael Cohen raids of April 2018 were based upon this from special counsel Robert Mueller to the US District Court for the SDNY
  13. 13.Admiral ___ Tyson, now retired, who commanded the US Third Fleet 2015-17
  14. 14.Private person who's often quite expert at digging into other people's business
  15. 15.Honor received by the Hyatt Regency on Peachtree Street in 2012
  16. 16.Dir. you're headed in if you're boating straight from Toledo to Buffalo
  17. 17.Alloy of lead (44.5%) and bismuth (55.5%) that has a melting point of 255.3 °F and is used as a nuclear reactor coolant
  18. 18.Type of galaxy appearing greenish and of small size discovered by citizen scientists on the crowdsourced Galaxy Zoo project
  19. 19.24 mile long river and tributary of the Streu in the Rhon Mountains, Bavaria
  20. 20.Monogram of the second female Supreme Court justice and 2018 documentary about her life
  21. 21.Online magazine devoted to such things as flesh tunnels, Nefertiti piercings and articles about The Lizardman
  22. 22.Where Cockneys 'ead to after work
  23. 23.Name of the Chinese saber, considered one of the four traditional weapons along with the gun, qiang and jian
  24. 24.What salmon build to lay their roe
  25. 25.Jack-in-the-box, originally made for a prince's fifth birthday by a German clockmaker named Claus, is an example of one of these
  26. 26.Eastman Kodak's trade name for a popular photographic developer used (not very often, these days) in black & white photography
  27. 27.Unlike counting backwards from 100 by sevens, for example
  28. 28.Donkey dwelling in Darmstadt
  29. 29.John, blacksmith from Rutland, VA who developed the self-scouring steel plow in 1837 in Grand Detour, IL
  30. 30.Ariana Grande song from the album "Sweetener", released in 2018, where she repetitively sings "back to you"
  31. 31.Secretary of Education who three times tried (and failed) to cut Special Olympics funding from the department's budget
  32. 32.What you can hang if you want to go back the other way

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Vox crosswords are published by the popular American news website Vox Media. The media house believes that there is very little context as compared to the information held us. People have a very narrow insight that gets further shadowed by a variety of information. The Vox media channel which is also very popular on you tube offers its users a variety of interesting content like News, Blogs, Politics, Food, Business Explanatory journalism and last but not the least crosswords. The Vox crosswords is the collective brainchild of Melissa Bell, Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias and was launched in 2014. They came up with a plan to publish one crossword puzzle daily from Monday to Saturday. However while the number of puzzles may seem to be just one, Vox soon became popular because it’s chief crossword writer Adrian Powell who proved to be a master at stuffing a huge amount of vocabulary into a ten by ten square.

Playing Vox Crosswords

The crosswords published by Vox are simple crosswords and they do not have any special contests as of now. The crosswords that are released each day can be quite challenging and are sure to get you addicted. These puzzles come each day with a hope to teach you something new and help you bust the stress that surrounds you. Once you complete the crossword, make sure that you like us on social media and also bookmark our page so that the newest of crosswords can reach you every day.

Vox crossword answers can be found online on the same day and the clues that are dished out are good enough to challenge an experienced crossword enthusiast. If you are stuck somewhere then you can look for the answers to the clue on many online websites. Reading blogs and articles explaining tough crosswords may also help you get through the grid. The answers to the clues can be found more easily if you are a regular player of other popular crosswords like The Guardian and The New York Times Crossword puzzle etc. By solving these puzzles and reading the clues regularly, you are sure to polish your crossword skills and take them to the next level.

Solving crosswords on a daily basis gives needs a good amount of thinking and this provides your brain with a daily dose of exercise. Increase your vocabulary and your knowledge as you cruise through Vox crosswords daily from Monday to Saturday. The crosswords are known to be an excellent stress buster and you actually have fun while doing it.

The Vox Crossword Author: The Vox crossword puzzles are written by famous well known crossword setters with a wide variety of experience. Adrain Powell is the main person behind the construction of the crosswords. He is known to create the most impactful ten by ten grid puzzles which may fool you by their size. However the content stuffed inside is sure to impress you. These crosswords are later checked by the Vox editorial team.

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