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  1. 1.Religious offshoot
  2. 2.Loses fur
  3. 3.Annual NBA competition
  4. 4.One quarter = 25 ___
  5. 5.Muscle movement
  6. 6.Oscar-winning film editor Jennifer
  7. 7.Deliver a speech
  8. 8.One of five in a great review
  9. 9."A Fold in the Field" artist Maya
  10. 10.Attracted to people of all genders, for short
  11. 11.Stuff on the surface of sandpaper
  12. 12.Parts of fedoras
  13. 13.Rock band's booster
  14. 14.Foam dart blaster brand
  15. 15.___ mater
  16. 16.Mojama fish
  17. 17.It can be measured with a protractor
  18. 18.Evaluate numerically
  19. 19.Apple computers
  20. 20.Wiseass
  21. 21.Desktop images
  22. 22.Guinness World Records suffix
  23. 23.Stare slack-jawed
  24. 24.Like some Druids
  25. 25.___ Cadabby (Muppet with a rhyming name)
  26. 26.Improvise
  27. 27.H.S. exam used to determine National Merit Scholars
  28. 28.Consumed
  29. 29.On the horizon
  30. 30.Short-term employee
  31. 31.Pay
  32. 32.Famous ___ cookies
  33. 33.Playful prank
  34. 34.Regarding
  35. 35.iPad, e.g
  36. 36.Part of the head
  37. 37.Performed in "& Juliet"
  38. 38.Used a bench
  39. 39.Instagram's parent company
  40. 40.Toymaker such as Buddy
  41. 41.Steamed bun in a Pixar short
  42. 42.Meat in Qabeli palaw
  43. 43.Household ___ (well-known celebrities)
  44. 44.Muscles worked in a forearm plank
  45. 45.Digit in a boot
  46. 46.Common MIT Sloan degree
  47. 47.Go slaloming
  48. 48.Horses' paces
  49. 49.Purple flowers in a Monet painting
  50. 50."Who do you think you ___? I am!"
  51. 51."I'm Not Well" comedian Tolev
  52. 52.Activist Chadwick
  53. 53."___ Subsequent Moviefilm" (2020 mockumentary)
  54. 54.Tlacoyo's shape
  55. 55.Voting group
  56. 56.Great review
  57. 57.Uramaki seaweed
  58. 58."I want to hear a joke!"
  59. 59.Decorates, like a cupcake
  60. 60.Tool for changing a flat
  61. 61.Overly self-satisfied
  62. 62.Flea market disclaimer
  63. 63.Snowballs, water balloons, etc
  64. 64.Actor/playwright Aldridge
  65. 65.". . . chi, ___, omega"
  66. 66.Party game with seats
  67. 67.Aggravates
  68. 68.Game with rooks
  69. 69."Sure"
  70. 70.Strong odor
  71. 71.Guy who's super close with his mother
  72. 72."Keep Commerce Human" site
  73. 73."One chain by one furlong" land measure
  74. 74.Tulip-to-be
  75. 75.___ bark and no bite
  76. 76.Sephora competitor

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