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  1. 1."As a result . . ."
  2. 2.Mizuhiki or sculpture
  3. 3.___ off (slowly falls asleep)
  4. 4.Crafty
  5. 5.Heidi Gardner's show
  6. 6.Show such as "Champion"
  7. 7.Musical group like OutKast
  8. 8.Jazz bassist Carter
  9. 9.Vehicle for pedaling on rugged trails
  10. 10.Subject with signs and sines
  11. 11.Tropical fruit
  12. 12.Catch fire
  13. 13.Wedding words
  14. 14.Honda's luxury brand
  15. 15.Stroke gently
  16. 16."I get the ___" ("That generally makes sense")
  17. 17.Word after "smoky" or "evil"
  18. 18."Eat, ___, Love"
  19. 19.Pastrami sandwich bread
  20. 20.Prefix similar to "ultra-"
  21. 21.Looks after
  22. 22.Plaza de Mayo's country
  23. 23.Totally shocks
  24. 24.Use a pitcher
  25. 25.1993 Disney film about three voyaging pets
  26. 26.Newspaper boss
  27. 27.Blue flower in a Van Gogh painting
  28. 28.Thick slice
  29. 29.Relatives
  30. 30.NFL running back Lacy
  31. 31.Product of a lightbulb moment
  32. 32.Not odd
  33. 33.Ordinary
  34. 34."___ step at a time"
  35. 35.Dumpling similar to jiaozi
  36. 36.Pub projectile
  37. 37.Rescue
  38. 38.Many a dad joke
  39. 39.Scorch the surface of
  40. 40.Dings on cars
  41. 41.Korean ___ Year (Seollal)
  42. 42.Altercation
  43. 43.Slip-___ (shoes)
  44. 44.Plane-steering device
  45. 45."No thoughts, head ___"
  46. 46.Tattled
  47. 47.___ Peace Prize
  48. 48.___ borealis
  49. 49.Transcript stat
  50. 50.Chapter of history
  51. 51.Shrek, e.g
  52. 52.Sits with the engine running
  53. 53.Fictional gadget company that makes Dehydrated Boulders
  54. 54."Just so you know" letters
  55. 55.Prefix meaning "against"
  56. 56."This is ready to ship"
  57. 57.Org. with Bulls and Knicks
  58. 58.Prefix smaller than "micro-"
  59. 59.Not close
  60. 60.Lockable box
  61. 61.Artist's stand
  62. 62.Tiny bit
  63. 63."You're ___" (heads-up in a virtual meeting)
  64. 64.Realtor's goal
  65. 65.Said aloud
  66. 66.Person with a degree, for short
  67. 67.Sick
  68. 68.Christmas trio
  69. 69.Harvard and Brown, e.g
  70. 70.Like a crossword enthusiast, say
  71. 71.Yang's complement
  72. 72.Georgia airport code
  73. 73.Like some humor or gin
  74. 74.Totally amazed
  75. 75.First three-day break of the school year for many
  76. 76.Food items sometimes stuffed with birria
  77. 77.Dried grape
  78. 78.Spider's trap

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