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  1. 1.Moved out of sight
  2. 2.The ___ Tour
  3. 3.Verve
  4. 4.Drink list
  5. 5.Golf org
  6. 6.Driver's "Oops, I'm going the wrong way" maneuver
  7. 7.Softball officials
  8. 8.Hidden stash
  9. 9.The Isle of Cats or Cat Lady, e.g
  10. 10."Your heart is true, you're a ___ and a confidant"
  11. 11.Pulled up a chair
  12. 12.Ocean's rise and fall
  13. 13.Come in last
  14. 14.Say "I swear I was totally clueless"
  15. 15.Thai dish made with chilis
  16. 16.Top-left computer key
  17. 17.Helper (Abbr.)
  18. 18.Common houseplants
  19. 19."Well, well, well!"
  20. 20.Cat features that need to be clipped
  21. 21.ID needed to get a U.S. passport
  22. 22.Chicago airport inits
  23. 23.Set to simmer
  24. 24.Terrible ___
  25. 25.Small taste of coffee
  26. 26.Best of the best
  27. 27.However, in a text
  28. 28.Eyelid issue
  29. 29.Catches some rays
  30. 30.Top named for its shape
  31. 31.Full-bodied beer
  32. 32.Really bugged
  33. 33.Feature of a personality
  34. 34.___ de Janeiro
  35. 35."Am not!" retort
  36. 36.Calc prereq
  37. 37.Group of eight
  38. 38.New Orleans event with floats
  39. 39.Songs that get lodged in your brain
  40. 40."Te ___" ("I love you")
  41. 41.Opinion columns
  42. 42.Gear parts
  43. 43.Come next
  44. 44.Not slack
  45. 45.City official
  46. 46.___ gobi
  47. 47.Oohs and ___
  48. 48.Palindromic name
  49. 49."___ to Lithium" (Shira Erlichman book)
  50. 50.Apple tablet
  51. 51.Dog
  52. 52.Practice boxing
  53. 53.Hen's enclosure
  54. 54."Sorry, but not my fault whatsoever"
  55. 55.Serve a drink
  56. 56.Ungraceful person
  57. 57.Sacred vows
  58. 58.Common Thanksgiving dessert
  59. 59.SpongeBob's pet Gary is one
  60. 60.Nut that looks like it's wearing a little hat
  61. 61.Pastrami sandwich bread
  62. 62.Become less severe
  63. 63.Question from a person looking for travel tips
  64. 64.Google or Bing alternative
  65. 65.Class that might teach idioms (Abbr.)
  66. 66."Let's pick up the pace!"
  67. 67.Comic-___
  68. 68.Builds
  69. 69.Bar mitzvah and Shichi-Go-San, e.g
  70. 70.Morning moisture
  71. 71.Spanish for "this"
  72. 72.Plays an IRL fantasy game
  73. 73.Make sense of
  74. 74.Water filtration brand
  75. 75.Desire for excess
  76. 76.Defleeced
  77. 77.58-Down in which players make quilts to attract cats
  78. 78.Filming device, for short

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