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  1. 1.Name that's the Latin word for "star"
  2. 2.Wave's highest point
  3. 3.Notable periods
  4. 4.Vegan hot chocolate option
  5. 5.Close by
  6. 6.Whirl
  7. 7.Bit of bio info
  8. 8."You go, ___ Coco!"
  9. 9.Double-helix molecule
  10. 10.Maggie ___ Walker
  11. 11.Printer purchases
  12. 12.Some golf clubs
  13. 13.Room with cobwebs, maybe
  14. 14.Cricket ground shape
  15. 15.Sass, colloquially
  16. 16.___ Double (special "Jeopardy!" clue)
  17. 17.Rug with a coarse texture
  18. 18.Vegetable in kurkuri bhindi
  19. 19.Trip segment
  20. 20.Up through
  21. 21.NBC sketch show, for short
  22. 22.Congressional title (Abbr.)
  23. 23.Hummus accompaniment
  24. 24.Unwelcome visitors
  25. 25.Straighten out from a coil
  26. 26.Musical conclusion
  27. 27."If I ___ Got You" (Alicia Keys single)
  28. 28.Title role for Rowin Amone in a 2019 web series
  29. 29.Jots down
  30. 30."19," "21" and "25," for Adele
  31. 31.Breakfast chain
  32. 32.Device at a concert
  33. 33.Pharmaceutical product
  34. 34.Decay
  35. 35.Greek wraps
  36. 36.Prefix for "penultimate"
  37. 37.Binary digits
  38. 38."A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away . . ."
  39. 39.Sunrise direction
  40. 40.Settles ahead of time
  41. 41.Medieval storyteller
  42. 42.Vietnamese Lunar New Year
  43. 43.Rectangular toaster pastry
  44. 44.Hiccup
  45. 45.Giving a new designation
  46. 46.Olympian Ledecky
  47. 47."Don't just stand there!"
  48. 48.Playwriting contest submissions
  49. 49.Director Gerwig
  50. 50."Cuz I Love You" singer
  51. 51.Plummet
  52. 52.Holds together
  53. 53.Sugar-free drink
  54. 54.Conceited
  55. 55.Grad
  56. 56.Sunburn soother
  57. 57.Glass's lip
  58. 58.R&B singer ___ James
  59. 59.Mournful word
  60. 60.Place to do laps
  61. 61.Sierra ___ (literally, "mother mountain range")
  62. 62.Soccer great Hamm
  63. 63.Pros' opposites
  64. 64.Oklahoma people
  65. 65.Connections
  66. 66.Shift one's weight forward
  67. 67.Office communication
  68. 68.Pop star Cyrus
  69. 69.Literary category
  70. 70.Outer limit
  71. 71.Robbie Rogers or Greg Berlanti, to Caleb and Mia
  72. 72.All over the place, perhaps
  73. 73.Agreement
  74. 74.Most-nominated female artist of the 2018 Grammys
  75. 75.Follower of "eagle-" or "wild-"
  76. 76.Fancy-schmancy

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