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  1. 1.Gets ready for a poker hand
  2. 2.Guinness who played Obi-Wan Kenobi
  3. 3."OMG A MOUSE!"
  4. 4.Skeptical reply
  5. 5.Beach mound
  6. 6.Big-antlered animal
  7. 7.Coins at an arcade
  8. 8.Plopped into a chair
  9. 9.Ultimate goal
  10. 10.Similar (to)
  11. 11.Stiller of "Zoolander"
  12. 12.Fighting fish
  13. 13.Assistant
  14. 14.Person you worship
  15. 15."Ciao, old chap!"
  16. 16.Bring on
  17. 17.Actors' foundation, e.g.?
  18. 18.Attorney
  19. 19.Sets as a price
  20. 20.26-Across, for one
  21. 21.Seyfried who played Cosette in "Les Miserables"
  22. 22.Peaceful
  23. 23.Getting-ready routine
  24. 24.Holiday Inn competitor
  25. 25.Red, Yellow or Black
  26. 26.Two cents' worth
  27. 27.Old-school engine's power source
  28. 28.Trivia locale, often
  29. 29.Period often named for a president
  30. 30.It's not the main way in
  31. 31.Direct along a path
  32. 32.Can. neighbor
  33. 33.May honoree
  34. 34.Wonderland visitor
  35. 35.Stretches of mountains
  36. 36.Turned into a big win, as a small bet
  37. 37.Plastic bag alternative
  38. 38.Khartoum's country
  39. 39.Our closest relatives at the zoo
  40. 40.Lego brand for young children
  41. 41.Baja resort, for short
  42. 42.Rise provider
  43. 43.Went in circles?
  44. 44.Make a meal?
  45. 45.___ choy
  46. 46.With no ice
  47. 47.Fashion designer von Furstenburg
  48. 48.Attack that takes a long time
  49. 49.Vacuum tube with three components
  50. 50.Is powerless to
  51. 51.Some NCOs
  52. 52.Prepare to publish
  53. 53.Remote button that's often red
  54. 54.Toni Morrison's first book
  55. 55."The Farewell" director Wang
  56. 56.Letter-shaped shirt feature
  57. 57.Madison, e.g., in NYC
  58. 58.Names on social media, in a way
  59. 59.CDs' predecessors
  60. 60.Words of compassion
  61. 61.Abstract ideas
  62. 62.Woolly female
  63. 63.(Not my mistake)
  64. 64.Princess Jasmine's dad
  65. 65.Like some lab testing
  66. 66.Fossil resin
  67. 67.Shelter dog, hopefully
  68. 68.Chocolate-coated ice cream treat
  69. 69.___ curls (arm exercises)
  70. 70.Fat in some puddings
  71. 71.E, on a fuel gauge
  72. 72.Cruises past
  73. 73.Former president who gave a virtual commencement speech in 2020
  74. 74.Nosh on
  75. 75.Completist's goal
  76. 76.Sent with a click

About Universal Crossword:

Universal Crossword is the brainchild of famous cruciverbalist and crossword constructor Timothy Parker who is a renowned American puzzle editor, TV producer and a game creator. Parker began writing and constructing puzzles in 1996 under the feature, Daily Crossword which was later taken under its wing by Universal Press Syndicate and made available to newspapers and other clients all across the world by 1997. It was later in 1999 that Parker along with Universal Press Syndicate’s UClick established the Puzzle Society. He was the editor of the Universal Uclick, a crossword and games platform. The Universal crosswords at Uclick come in various difficulty levels, allowing the users to choose their levels before starting the puzzle. The crossword clues and themes are provided fresh to the customers every day. The Sunday’s 21 X 21 grid crossword is the most interesting and difficult crossword of the week provided by the platform. Finding the universal crossword answers based on the clues might be a little tricky, but not something that is impossible.

Apart from these basic crosswords, UClick also offers a wide range of puzzles that includes casual games to its consumers under its portals, The Puzzle Society and UClickGames. They offer everything from crosswords, word games, suduko, kakuro and much more. In 2017 David Steinberg, the youngest crossword wiz of the generation, was named as the editor of the Puzzle Society and in 2018, he was named as the editor of the Universal Crosswords.

Universal Crossword Contest:

Universal Crosswords is a daily and Sunday international puzzle platform that constructs interesting theme based crosswords for their followers from across the world. Steinberg constructed women oriented crosswords in the month of March to celebrate the Women’s day or rather Women’s Month – March. All the 36 crosswords were created by women crossword constructors. Some of these crosswords were simple while some were really difficult. The universal crossword puzzle answers for the Sunday Contests are declared one day after the crossword is published.

Authors: David Steinberg

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