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  1. 1.Press, as a cat does with its paws
  2. 2.Chris who played Matt Foley in SNL sketches
  3. 3.Awful celestial explosion caused by actress Jovovich? (Pianist Gilels admitted to a Pennsylvania university)
  4. 4.Historic vessel of 1492
  5. 5.Thick heads of hair on people in a hot tub? (Author Melville admitted to a Maine college)
  6. 6.Grp. mobilised in WWII
  7. 7.Posthumous Pulitzer recipient ___ B. Wells
  8. 8.Pringles can tidbit
  9. 9.Like serene seas
  10. 10.Rocker Reed
  11. 11.___ Vegas
  12. 12."El Cid" actor Charlton
  13. 13.Sherlock's sibling in a 2020 Netflix film
  14. 14.Celebrity chef Lagasse
  15. 15.Bois who co-founded the sports YouTube channel and community website Secret Base
  16. 16.Big unit of digital data
  17. 17.___ system (subject of critique in "The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga)
  18. 18."Uncle" whose initials match the country he personifies
  19. 19.Prayer beads for fans of Dashboard Confessional's music? (Activist Parks admitted to a Georgia university)
  20. 20."Carmina Burana" movement about cruel fate
  21. 21.Appends
  22. 22.Small piece of food
  23. 23.Resident of an island in the Caribbean Sea
  24. 24.See 4 Down
  25. 25."The Saint" star Kilmer
  26. 26.Absinthe flavoring
  27. 27.Long TikTok video duration, on average
  28. 28.Quail flocks
  29. 29.Pledge from a groom
  30. 30."Un-friggin'-believable"
  31. 31.Deductive
  32. 32.Hang, like an ornament
  33. 33.Sight in a Saturn photo
  34. 34.Field hockey item
  35. 35.Having debts to pay
  36. 36.Pelvic floor exercises
  37. 37.Formula One race sight
  38. 38.With 27 Across, Pride platforms
  39. 39.Prefix with profit
  40. 40.Mariner with experience
  41. 41.Game show team
  42. 42.An electron cloud surrounds its nucleus
  43. 43."That's not true!"
  44. 44.Garage cloth
  45. 45.Allow to enter
  46. 46.Street where people wear Greek garments? (Journalist Robertson admitted to a Louisiana university)
  47. 47.How many times FDR was reelected president
  48. 48.___ of Mirrors (room at Versailles)
  49. 49.Post-divorce court party
  50. 50.Extends (out)
  51. 51.Catcher who said, "90 percent of the game is half mental"
  52. 52.Cleared one's name, maybe?
  53. 53."Just like that!" click
  54. 54.Headline about a mollusk being aboard Noah's ship? (Poet Van Duyn admitted to a Massachusetts university)
  55. 55.Not as furnished
  56. 56.6 weeks?
  57. 57.Campus extension
  58. 58."Cut it out!"
  59. 59.Primary concern?
  60. 60.Home of the bills
  61. 61.Instance of inattention
  62. 62.Slightly
  63. 63.Issue, as a signal
  64. 64.Spree
  65. 65.Most authentic issue of a fashion magazine expected to arrive? (Actress Getty admitted to an Indiana university)
  66. 66.Peninsula by Bahrain
  67. 67.Messy group
  68. 68.Dinged, as a DeLorean
  69. 69.Morphine, e.g
  70. 70.ICU staff members
  71. 71.Woolly ruminant
  72. 72.Intersection point
  73. 73.Cold castle makeup
  74. 74.Chemical company or stock index name
  75. 75.Arcing return
  76. 76.Kate, to Rooney
  77. 77.Those leading the party faithful?
  78. 78.Entertaining Turner
  79. 79.Interpreter of visions
  80. 80.Film venues
  81. 81.Genre for DMX
  82. 82.Part of a painting where an artist often leaves a signature
  83. 83.Like this clue number
  84. 84.Concoct mentally
  85. 85."Cracklin'" cereal stuff
  86. 86.Bounding creature
  87. 87.Army reply, at times
  88. 88.Huge amount
  89. 89.Torn-off part of a ticket
  90. 90.Sheets in a closet
  91. 91."Try your ___!"
  92. 92.New college students, and what's spelled out by the first letters of the people admitted to this puzzle's colleges
  93. 93.U.S. region that includes the "sand states"
  94. 94.Essential compound, perhaps
  95. 95.Rip some geek? (Singer MacGowan admitted to a New York college)
  96. 96.Make up your mind
  97. 97.Work for a company?
  98. 98.Hertz rival
  99. 99.Chinese cuisine with Dong'an chicken
  100. 100.Eagle-___ (highly observant)
  101. 101.Using a 97 Across
  102. 102.Aikido master
  103. 103.Translation molecule
  104. 104.Rolls with raw fish
  105. 105.Christmas toymaker wouldn't shut up? (Actress Drescher admitted to a North Carolina university)
  106. 106.Elicit loving feelings
  107. 107.Figure ___ (figure skating patterns)
  108. 108.Philharmonic leader
  109. 109.Mount Batur's island
  110. 110.Moves obliquely
  111. 111.Contents of docs
  112. 112.Engulfed by
  113. 113.Scientific cover-up?
  114. 114.Part of the "Camptown Races" refrain
  115. 115.Kills, as a dragon or in a drag show
  116. 116."Do as I do"
  117. 117.Put down steaks, say
  118. 118."Futurama" character in a pink sweatsuit
  119. 119.One-hundredth of CCC
  120. 120.One's name on an ISP
  121. 121.Musical range indicator
  122. 122.Raise, as interest rates
  123. 123.Source of auto inflation
  124. 124.Hour after midnight
  125. 125.Took
  126. 126."You can do anything you want in life. Unless Jay ___ wants to do it too": Conan O'Brien
  127. 127.Pushes out
  128. 128.Ari heard on NPR
  129. 129.___ Stone (rock said to have inspired the phrase "Kiss me, I'm Irish")
  130. 130.Entertaining Turner
  131. 131.Self-importance
  132. 132.ACLU or NAACP, e.g
  133. 133.Uproar
  134. 134.Keyboardist Saunders
  135. 135.Not 89 Down like 89
  136. 136."Focus" singer Grande
  137. 137.Crossword solving choice
  138. 138.Many a Oaxaca woman
  139. 139.Completely miserable
  140. 140.Pudding scoopers

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The contests that are hosted by the Washington Post are Muller Monthly Music Meta crossword puzzle which is a special crossword that is released once a month and it can help you earn lot of bonus points.

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The crosswords published have a topic or theme and the entire puzzle is based on it. Example “alphabet soup” is the name of the latest crossword puzzle by Evan Birnholz where the play of words is so well presented. Once you solve a clue, you are forced to dive into the crossword looking for more. Solving crossword puzzles regularly gives you an edge in your vocabulary and also exercises the brain on a daily basis.

The Washington Post Sunday Crossword Author: The Sunday crosswords are written by a very popular writer Evan Birnholz. He is a resident of Philadelphia and has a rich archive of all his previously written crosswords on his website, Devil Cross.

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