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  1. 1.Satisfies a financial obligation
  2. 2.Apple Store offering
  3. 3.Hide-___-seek
  4. 4.Burr who dueled Alexander Hamilton
  5. 5.MA/IN/LA/ND locale
  6. 6.One-named musician whose backing band was the Revolution
  7. 7.Any time!
  8. 8.Theme park enjoyed by builders
  9. 9.___ 9000 (villainous computer in '2001: A Space Odyssey')
  10. 10.Danger exaggerator
  11. 11.Acclamatory poem
  12. 12.Hairstyle for Ebonee Davis, at times
  13. 13.Sailboat with a fore-and-aft rig
  14. 14.Long-snouted fish
  15. 15.The 'k' of km
  16. 16.Bright spot
  17. 17.___ do lunch!
  18. 18.Granola morsel
  19. 19.Rumpus
  20. 20.Lil Nas X's genre
  21. 21.Technique such as a half moon or a downward-facing dog
  22. 22.Breakout of zits
  23. 23.We're not sure yet' initials
  24. 24.Young boy
  25. 25.Furry, subterranean creature
  26. 26.Cry of pain
  27. 27.Old hat
  28. 28.Really enjoys the party, say
  29. 29.Streaming installment of a TV show
  30. 30.Bathe in the sunlight
  31. 31.Like Juliett, in the NATO phonetic alphabet
  32. 32.Scooby-Doo! and the ___ Ness Monster' (2004 animated film)
  33. 33.Word after smart or TV
  34. 34.Fitting zodiac sign for a Los Angeles Rams player
  35. 35.Critic's glowing review
  36. 36.NFL team in Las Vegas
  37. 37.Rack up
  38. 38.Spots for some plugs
  39. 39.Back of one's neck
  40. 40.Lasagna sauce choice
  41. 41.Where the author Haruki Murakami was born
  42. 42.Erred, with 'up
  43. 43.Cousin of a 60 Across
  44. 44.Most unusual
  45. 45.Prefix for many a school of thought
  46. 46.It's no ___ crying over spilled milk
  47. 47.Software company that created Photoshop and Illustrator
  48. 48.At some point in the future
  49. 49.Instrument from the Persian for 'three-stringed
  50. 50.Eat at 7 p.m., say
  51. 51.Chutzpah
  52. 52.Mileage displayer
  53. 53.Playful scoundrel
  54. 54.Get lost!
  55. 55.Turn in the trash, say
  56. 56.Sex cells
  57. 57.Arizona's Black Mountain and Colorado's Green Mountain, for two
  58. 58.Hummus, e.g
  59. 59.Candy Hall of Fame member H.B. ___
  60. 60.Many a drink listed on BeerAdvocate
  61. 61.Piece of neckwear
  62. 62.Dracula' actor Lugosi
  63. 63.Tragic figure for Euripides
  64. 64.___ play (Greek performance genre that featured a chorus of mythical hybrids)
  65. 65.Droop
  66. 66.Section of a patio door
  67. 67.Apt rhyme of 'trap
  68. 68.Hindu spiritual teacher
  69. 69.Bus. bosses
  70. 70.Majestic in appearance
  71. 71.Out of the ___ (unaware)
  72. 72.Card' up one's sleeve
  73. 73.They're 'turned' during a reversal of fortune
  74. 74.___ a move (dance)
  75. 75.Decluttered
  76. 76.Sanitation system channel
  77. 77.Activate, as certain cookies
  78. 78.Having a noble rank
  79. 79.Brownish-purple color
  80. 80.Lump
  81. 81.The Who rocker Townshend
  82. 82.3-D brain scan, maybe
  83. 83.Group united by kinship
  84. 84.Safety device that provides protection when a car turns over
  85. 85.Long stretch of time
  86. 86.Tendon injury
  87. 87.Breed of the dog Chester Ludlow, who was awarded an online MBA degree from Rochville University
  88. 88.You'd better tell me the truth
  89. 89.Gibbons, gorillas, etc
  90. 90.Request for chips, but not dip?
  91. 91.Like some European ski resorts
  92. 92.Subj. with sines, cosines and tangents
  93. 93.Before, in a sonnet
  94. 94.That was me
  95. 95.Work for a politician?
  96. 96.Flat expanse of ice
  97. 97.Crops up
  98. 98.Offering more of a challenge
  99. 99.Raise, as children
  100. 100.Statues of 'Rocky
  101. 101.Barely defeated
  102. 102.Leans one way or another
  103. 103.With 125 Across, 'Life of Pi' director
  104. 104.Expected number of strokes
  105. 105.Covert ops org
  106. 106.Narrow water passages
  107. 107.Present full of goodies
  108. 108.Rushmore' director Anderson
  109. 109.Some Thanksgiving invitees
  110. 110.Auto tuning station?
  111. 111.Joan of Arc portrayer Sobieski
  112. 112.Venice-born Polo
  113. 113.ER tubes
  114. 114.Classical element associated with the tarot suit of wands
  115. 115.Monarch's proclamation
  116. 116.Plows the field
  117. 117.Groundhog Day' weatherman Connors
  118. 118.Snippet from a film
  119. 119.Associated (with)
  120. 120.In ___ of (rather than)
  121. 121.Dryer trap accumulation
  122. 122.Chopper spinner
  123. 123.Math operation used in KenKen puzzles
  124. 124.Place to order rounds
  125. 125.Fantastic Four' actress Kate
  126. 126.Treaded car parts
  127. 127.___-Jo (gold medal-winning sprinter)
  128. 128.See 121 Across
  129. 129.Area for a page number, perhaps
  130. 130.How a solo pilot flies
  131. 131.Campus life?
  132. 132.Makes loud, sorrowful noises
  133. 133.Paths
  134. 134.Dang it!
  135. 135.Totally wreck
  136. 136.___ Prignon (monk for whom a champagne brand is named)
  137. 137.Drinks served with crumpets

About Washington Post Sunday Crosswords

The Washington Post is one of the most popular newspapers of The United States and is widely circulated in Washington. There are separated state wise editions too. The crosswords published in The Washington Post are a very big attraction to its numerous daily readers. They ensure that there is something for everyone by dishing out various types of crosswords like Daily, Classic Monthly meta and the Special Sunday Crossword.

Washington Post Sunday Crossword Contests

The contests that are hosted by the Washington Post are Muller Monthly Music Meta crossword puzzle which is a special crossword that is released once a month and it can help you earn lot of bonus points.

The Washington Post crosswords are one of the most popular ones in the United States and so there are many instances where the players get stuck and may need the answers to clues and puzzles. The Washington Post has a dedicated website by the name of Washington Post Crossword answers where you can find all the clues and answers of the crosswords published in the Washington Post till date. They have a search option in case you are looking for the clue to an older puzzle.

The answers to the puzzles published in the newspaper are released on the next day. However if you cannot wait that long, then we suggest you to play the interactive crossword online.

The Washington Post offers a 30 day free pass on all its home delivery subscriptions. By availing this pass, the user can gain unlimited access to all digital content including crosswords. They Daily and Sunday crosswords can be played online very easily. The only prerequisite for this is that your browser should support Java or is Java enabled.

The Sunday puzzle is available in a printable format and you play it the classic pen and paper way or you can go digital and play the crossword online. The menu bar gives you a variety of options to customize your entire crossword experience. You can choose to reveal the answers in case you are stuck somewhere. It offers a variety of high quality content along with ease of play.

The crosswords published have a topic or theme and the entire puzzle is based on it. Example “alphabet soup” is the name of the latest crossword puzzle by Evan Birnholz where the play of words is so well presented. Once you solve a clue, you are forced to dive into the crossword looking for more. Solving crossword puzzles regularly gives you an edge in your vocabulary and also exercises the brain on a daily basis.

The Washington Post Sunday Crossword Author: The Sunday crosswords are written by a very popular writer Evan Birnholz. He is a resident of Philadelphia and has a rich archive of all his previously written crosswords on his website, Devil Cross.

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