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  1. 1.Itty-bitty
  2. 2.Membrane at the end of the auditory canal
  3. 3.Gasteyer once on SNL
  4. 4.Utah skiing area
  5. 5.Messy, as paint
  6. 6."You've ___ this!"
  7. 7."Keep your eyes ___"
  8. 8.Beer brewer Bernhard
  9. 9."___ out!" (ump's cry)
  10. 10.Final Greek letter
  11. 11.Soil-loosening tool
  12. 12.Bar food?
  13. 13.British track unit
  14. 14.Forestall
  15. 15.Bawshar citizen
  16. 16.One who may geek out
  17. 17.Pull out of the ground
  18. 18.Cipher creator + colorful coat = Historic period known for its adolescent Atlantic fish?
  19. 19.Swear words in church?
  20. 20.Term for the person at work, as opposed to the "outie" of the outside world, on the show "Severance"
  21. 21.Dimethyl ___ (smelly compound)
  22. 22."We've Only Just Begun" singer Carpenter
  23. 23.Mayberry boy
  24. 24.Academic field goal
  25. 25.Coolidge, familiarly + colorful coat = First letter that's been enlarged or shrunken?
  26. 26.Reduces to grain-size pieces
  27. 27.Game in which a certain tournament's champions put on aptly colorful jackets (you can find this tournament in the first letters of this puzzle's circled colors)
  28. 28."End of ___" (online diatribe's conclusion)
  29. 29."Wild Things" actress Campbell
  30. 30.Recreational space on a military base
  31. 31.Poker hand starter
  32. 32.See 109 Across
  33. 33.Fill completely
  34. 34.___ the knee (submit to another's authority)
  35. 35.Número following uno
  36. 36.Courteous fellow
  37. 37.One making a scene?
  38. 38.No-signal status
  39. 39.Bar food?
  40. 40.Walled city of Spain
  41. 41.What A stands for in Thomas A. Edison
  42. 42.Judge's cry in a disruptive courthouse
  43. 43.Priory of ___ (secret society in a Dan Brown bestseller)
  44. 44.Spicy sauce that may be made with jalapeños
  45. 45.Jouster's metal suit
  46. 46.TLC series filmed at Carlo's Bake Shop
  47. 47.Picky ___ (one who's fussy about their food)
  48. 48.Calgary Flames' org.
  49. 49.Poker hand
  50. 50.Banks of fashion
  51. 51.Stadium cheer
  52. 52.AP Bio class molecule
  53. 53.Rink routine
  54. 54."___ we forget ..."
  55. 55.Shapes of bedsprings
  56. 56."Whew, I was worried for a second ___"
  57. 57.Subcontinent queens
  58. 58.Take care of
  59. 59.Boat-building wood
  60. 60.For each
  61. 61.In the style of
  62. 62.Finger-clicking sound
  63. 63.H.S. math class
  64. 64.Reflective narrative
  65. 65.Earth Observing System org.
  66. 66.Complete collections
  67. 67.Noisy med. scan
  68. 68.Raven's gripper
  69. 69."___ dangerous to go alone! Take this." (quote from "The Legend of Zelda" when Link is given a sword)
  70. 70.Risks some money
  71. 71.Not working right now
  72. 72.In a decayed state
  73. 73.Blocks, as progress
  74. 74.Thinking product
  75. 75.Overjoyed state
  76. 76."Mayans M.C." actor Trujillo
  77. 77.With 14 Across, "Because the Night" singer
  78. 78.Super-awesome
  79. 79."Chances ___ ..."
  80. 80.Alters, as a skirt
  81. 81.Spider-Man enemy who gained his powers after being struck by lightning
  82. 82.Roast host
  83. 83.Throat-checking request
  84. 84.12-inch stick
  85. 85.Dishonorable guy
  86. 86.Ralph who led a team of "Raiders"
  87. 87.Rainwater collector
  88. 88.Epithet like "Einstein"
  89. 89.Fourth Greek letter + colorful coat = Donkey riding in a vintage Ford?
  90. 90.Teeny-tiny arachnid
  91. 91.In the neighborhood
  92. 92.Fix, as a shoelace
  93. 93.Gives a new title to + colorful coat = Tableland honoring tennis legend Williams?
  94. 94.Take out
  95. 95.Begging, the question?
  96. 96.Close-fitting hats
  97. 97.Tex-Mex chip
  98. 98.Extend, as the loan on a library book
  99. 99."___ words have never been spoken"
  100. 100.Brontë who wrote "Wuthering Heights"
  101. 101.Guy found in three consecutive letters of the alphabet
  102. 102.Forget to include
  103. 103."Smart" one
  104. 104.2,000-pound units
  105. 105.Flying V makeup
  106. 106.Variety of Dutch cheese
  107. 107.With 112 Across, Irish street ballad that serves as an alternate title for this puzzle
  108. 108.Biz world bigwigs
  109. 109.Some U-Haul vehicles
  110. 110."omg that's hilarious!"
  111. 111.Lambs' dams
  112. 112.Appraise
  113. 113.Remembered mission
  114. 114.Blarney ___ (ritually kissed landmark)
  115. 115.Take part in a 5K, say
  116. 116.See 10 Down
  117. 117.Wood stove inserts
  118. 118.Floor-washing tool
  119. 119."And here's that rabbit in my top hat!"
  120. 120.Harvesting machine
  121. 121.Mister Rogers
  122. 122.Rock band that fills in the blanks of its song "_vi_ W_man"
  123. 123.Venezuelan snack
  124. 124.Like the taste of dessert wines, usually
  125. 125.Second word of a U.S. territory
  126. 126.Morays in oceans, e.g.
  127. 127."Pick me! I know!" + colorful coat = Broody royal messenger who delivers news about a Hostess snack?
  128. 128.Expert
  129. 129."O mio Fernando," e.g.
  130. 130.First three syllables in the "Hey Jude" refrain
  131. 131.Granola bit
  132. 132.Smoothed (out)
  133. 133.1990s PC puzzle game
  134. 134.Central Illinois city + colorful coat = Desire from the "Smooth Operator" singer to adopt a feline?
  135. 135.Back row target, in bowling
  136. 136.Live (in)
  137. 137.Oscar winner Brynner
  138. 138.Former Princetonians, e.g.
  139. 139.Grocery shopping aid + colorful coat = Hairstyle for some singer?
  140. 140.Takes the L

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The contests that are hosted by the Washington Post are Muller Monthly Music Meta crossword puzzle which is a special crossword that is released once a month and it can help you earn lot of bonus points.

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The crosswords published have a topic or theme and the entire puzzle is based on it. Example “alphabet soup” is the name of the latest crossword puzzle by Evan Birnholz where the play of words is so well presented. Once you solve a clue, you are forced to dive into the crossword looking for more. Solving crossword puzzles regularly gives you an edge in your vocabulary and also exercises the brain on a daily basis.

The Washington Post Sunday Crossword Author: The Sunday crosswords are written by a very popular writer Evan Birnholz. He is a resident of Philadelphia and has a rich archive of all his previously written crosswords on his website, Devil Cross.

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