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  1. 1.Kids' ___ (sheet with a maze, maybe)
  2. 2.Attractive to viewers ("Brokeback Mountain")
  3. 3.Forbidden fruit venue
  4. 4.Noise at a dairy farm
  5. 5.Unmitigated
  6. 6.Made a derisive face
  7. 7."I'm tired of discussing this"
  8. 8.It makes grass glisten
  9. 9.Examines
  10. 10."Smoke Painting" artist Yoko
  11. 11.Poli ___
  12. 12.Purpose
  13. 13.Boomer once on the Bengals
  14. 14."Industry Baby" rapper ___ Nas X
  15. 15.Chew some chips, say
  16. 16."Wolf Children" genre
  17. 17.Inventor who helped design a hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls
  18. 18.Get-up-and-go
  19. 19.Unnaturally formal
  20. 20.Has unsettled debts
  21. 21.Lyft or Uber cost
  22. 22.Band whose final studio album was "Collapse Into Now" (2011)
  23. 23.Health clinic, e.g. ("It Happened One Night")
  24. 24.Of battles at sea
  25. 25.Increases, as the grade of a ramp
  26. 26.Hardly cheerful
  27. 27.State that served as a filming location for "Touched by an Angel"
  28. 28.Up to the challenge
  29. 29.Swinger on a walk?
  30. 30.Societal problems
  31. 31.The Most ___ ___ (limited-edition cookie released in 2023)
  32. 32."LMAO you shouldn't be sharing that"
  33. 33.Undeveloped, as talent
  34. 34.Drive while dreaming?
  35. 35.Casual attire clarification
  36. 36.Keeps going
  37. 37.Galvanic cell's negative terminal
  38. 38.Money in Matsumoto
  39. 39.Flatbread with a pocket
  40. 40.With 40 Down, hard-boiled hors d'oeuvre
  41. 41.Artillery discharge
  42. 42.Gownlike garment
  43. 43.Bumpy like a toad's skin
  44. 44."Be with you in a few ___"
  45. 45."Oh, please"
  46. 46."You know what really sticks in my ___?"
  47. 47.Quinceañera prop
  48. 48.Make a mental ___
  49. 49.Beg (for)
  50. 50.Sticky application on a baseball bat
  51. 51.Stop weighing options
  52. 52."The Borgias" actor David
  53. 53.Goalie's equipment
  54. 54.Burn with hot water
  55. 55.Attempted
  56. 56.Difficult puzzle
  57. 57."___ you okay?"
  58. 58.See 59 Down
  59. 59.Praise to the heavens
  60. 60.Rooting creature
  61. 61.With 72 Across, soft drinks sold since 1886
  62. 62.Worker distributing playbills
  63. 63.Type of musician who "will lead us to reason," per the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven"
  64. 64.Southwest locale?
  65. 65.Rudeness from a child
  66. 66.Texas Revolution figure for whom Texas's largest city is named ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madre")
  67. 67.Brand that touts itself as "The King of Beers" ("The Sound of Music")
  68. 68.Circuit board part
  69. 69.Small unit of energy
  70. 70.Oxygenating devices
  71. 71.Cassini who designed the "Jackie look" wardrobe
  72. 72.Woolen jacket worn by a sailor
  73. 73.Before, to Chaucer
  74. 74.Sedimentary deposit
  75. 75.RCA cassette, say
  76. 76.Short piece that may have three movements
  77. 77.Cup edge
  78. 78.Major for an aspiring cryptographer, maybe
  79. 79.Be in the running
  80. 80.Wild kingdom
  81. 81.AOL or CVS head, e.g.
  82. 82.Altered, as an article
  83. 83."Book of Questions" author Neruda
  84. 84.Retreat with treatments
  85. 85.Soft ___ (area of vulnerability)
  86. 86.Submitted
  87. 87.Dating activities
  88. 88.Feature of many an online crossword puzzle
  89. 89.Person on a flight?
  90. 90.Movie star, e.g., briefly
  91. 91.Key period of history
  92. 92.Agricultural tool that breaks up soil
  93. 93.Play loudly
  94. 94.R&B singer Benét
  95. 95.Sternums ("Platoon")
  96. 96."Such a strange and meaningless word," per the rock musician Davey Havok
  97. 97.Man's name found in "line drawings"
  98. 98.Refuse to, with "at"
  99. 99."___ me help you"
  100. 100.Concurs about
  101. 101.Feudal system worker
  102. 102.Nitwits
  103. 103.Dry floor-cleaning item
  104. 104.Triple jump, maybe?
  105. 105.Oscar-winning film whose Oscar-winning director is spelled out by the letters cutting the circled Oscar-winning directors
  106. 106.CO location
  107. 107.___ Island Ferry
  108. 108.Picker-uppers in a bar?
  109. 109.Deal with a dirty floor
  110. 110.Dimly illuminated during the evening
  111. 111.Cup edge
  112. 112.Rooftop party space
  113. 113.Distance unit in Derby
  114. 114.Dull situation
  115. 115.British telephone box shade
  116. 116.The first X of a winning X-X-X combo
  117. 117.Professor's environment
  118. 118.Garden structure
  119. 119.___ City (flowery nickname of Spokane)
  120. 120.___ accident (rare, unfortunate event)
  121. 121."Dead Man's Party" band with a rhyming name ("Parasite")
  122. 122."Oh, please"
  123. 123.Sergeant's ride
  124. 124.Run-of-the-mill
  125. 125.Vietnamese Women's Museum city
  126. 126.Like the sight of glowing eyes in a dark forest
  127. 127.See 43 Down
  128. 128.See 35 Down
  129. 129."Tell it to the judge if you don't like it!"
  130. 130.Deliberately misinform
  131. 131.Subject of the Stargate Project, for which the CIA recruited alleged mind readers
  132. 132.One of the "Bye Bye Binky" singers on "Sesame Street"
  133. 133.Honesty or integrity, e.g.
  134. 134.Bitter, public feud ("The Quiet Man")
  135. 135.Reply during a sermon
  136. 136.Villainous grand vizier of Agrabah
  137. 137.With 60 Down, storied infiltrator of a thieves' den
  138. 138.Architectural overhang
  139. 139.Very strange
  140. 140.Arranged by date, say
  141. 141.Gives off

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The contests that are hosted by the Washington Post are Muller Monthly Music Meta crossword puzzle which is a special crossword that is released once a month and it can help you earn lot of bonus points.

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The crosswords published have a topic or theme and the entire puzzle is based on it. Example “alphabet soup” is the name of the latest crossword puzzle by Evan Birnholz where the play of words is so well presented. Once you solve a clue, you are forced to dive into the crossword looking for more. Solving crossword puzzles regularly gives you an edge in your vocabulary and also exercises the brain on a daily basis.

The Washington Post Sunday Crossword Author: The Sunday crosswords are written by a very popular writer Evan Birnholz. He is a resident of Philadelphia and has a rich archive of all his previously written crosswords on his website, Devil Cross.

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