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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -5-December-2022
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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -3-December-2022
  1. 1.Nationality of the former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan
  2. 2.Italian coastal resort between Sorrento and Salerno
  3. 3.17th-century French writer of acerbic epigrams
  4. 4.Kyiv-born sculptor (1887-1964) inspired by cubism
  5. 5.- Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne
  6. 6.Nickname of West Ham United FC
  7. 7.New Zealand lizard with an unusual "third eye”
  8. 8.Ancient astronomer who proposed an Earth-centred universe in his Almagest
  9. 9.Winter thrush often seen in flocks with fieldfares
  10. 10.Mary -, British gold, silver and bronze medallist at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
  11. 11.Epithet of the Holy Roman emperor Frederick I
  12. 12.Later evolutionary work by Charles Darwin
  13. 13.Destination for cross-Channel ferries from Newhaven
  14. 14.Country to which Madeira and the Azores belong
  15. 15.Philistine giant described in the Book of Samuel
  16. 16.Gas mainly composed of nitrogen, oxygen and argon
  17. 17.Mathematician credited with inventing the water screw
  18. 18.The white poplar tree
  19. 19.Spiked medieval club
  20. 20.British winner of four women's major golf championships
  21. 21.US state bordered to the east by Ohio and west by Illinois
  22. 22.- Games, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  23. 23.Sense organ possessed by many arthropods
  24. 24.South African writer of travel memoirs and novels
  25. 25.Salty ingredient in many southeast Asian dishes
  26. 26.Gland situated by the ear
  27. 27.Metal device on a rope for hooking onto a far object
  28. 28.Small drum, typically one of a pair
  29. 29.Large type of seaweed
  30. 30."Forgetful cat” in children's stories by Judith Kerr
  31. 31.Flexor muscle of the upper arm or thigh
  32. 32.A white wine of the Loire Valley
  33. 33.Under way
  34. 34.Company like Cammel Laird or Harland and Wolff
  35. 35.The ____ measures the specific gravity of a sugar solution
  36. 36.Title of a deputy taoiseach
  37. 37.Body of water between Australia and New Guinea
  38. 38.Variety of porcelain made using bone ash
  39. 39.Former RAF base near Newbury, closed in 1992
  40. 40.Pass in the Appalachian Mountains, used by pioneers to reach Kentucky and Tennessee
  41. 41.The capital city of Nicaragua
  42. 42.In Scottish and Northern English dialect, trifling or fastidious
  43. 43.New Zealand actress who, aged 11, won an Oscar for her role in The Piano
  44. 44."Though his barque cannot be lost, / Yet it shall be ____-tossed” (First Witch, Macbeth)
  45. 45.French producer of liqueurs and spirits, created by a 1990 merger
  46. 46.English star of 1920s musical revues and 1930s comedy and musical films, who later played Mrs Dale on BBC radio
  47. 47.Greek "fate”, personified as Clotho, Lachesis or Atropos
  48. 48.In US spelling, the second word of this item of furniture is often replaced by a room in which it might be found
  49. 49.Equivalent of John Lennon in the fictional Ruttles band
  50. 50.Richard Gere's co-star in the 2002 film Unfaithful
  51. 51.A carrycot typically made of wicker
  52. 52.In weightlifting, a ____ is lifting the bar to the shoulders and standing up
  53. 53.English name for the Danish port in which Hamlet is set
  54. 54.Leather straps used to tether hawks in falconry
  55. 55."O God defend me, how am I ____!” (Much Ado about Nothing)
  56. 56.Smoky quartz named after a Scottish mountain range
  57. 57.US hip hop group founded by Chuck D and Flavor Flav in 1985
  58. 58.Indo-Aryan language written in a Perso-Arabic script
  59. 59.Egyptian mummification material made from plastered layers of linen or papyrus
  60. 60.Long-muzzled dog created in the 19th century by a German tax collector (US name)
  61. 61.1988 comedy film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito
  62. 62.Latin phrase expressing hope that something undesirable does not happen
  63. 63.The capital of Burkina Faso
  64. 64.City of northern Italy on the River Adige
  65. 65.Cornish coastal ruins closely associated with King Arthur
  66. 66.The Comic Strip comedian who later voiced Queen Elizabeth II in the film Minions
  67. 67.Nickname of the London's Burning character Bert Quigley
  68. 68.____ in Cardiff is responsible for the registration of businesses in England and Wales
  69. 69.A Brazilian palm and its yellowish wax
  70. 70.2011 album by Britney Spears
  71. 71.Existing before the creation of the world
  72. 72.Actress who played Mia in Pulp Fiction
  73. 73.London's SW14 postcode includes Mortlake and ____
  74. 74.Co-star of Hattie Jacques in several BBC sitcoms
  75. 75.In geology, rich in silica
  76. 76.The L of AWOL
  77. 77.Jess ____ presented Stars on Sunday on ITV in the 1970s
  78. 78.River on the eastern edge of the small area of Belgium not occupied by Germany for most of the First World War
  79. 79.Joint document formally endorsed to accommodate son
  80. 80.Process involving former sovereign land
  81. 81.On satire's puzzling claim
  82. 82.Place to put away some extra tagliatelle
  83. 83.Chap appearing in alternative music show
  84. 84.Designated driver taking on jump rolled
  85. 85.Nob embracing English eccentricity to get things going
  86. 86.Doctor merely left out mineral
  87. 87.Fiddler's action? Dry wit with adult near
  88. 88.Scrivener, say, dipped into this jar? Debtor is relieved, rightly
  89. 89.Acting hardly to be believed in any circs
  90. 90.Be furious about King and I's animation
  91. 91.Club rings daughter who came out — it'll draw no satisfaction
  92. 92.Ploughing acre is on plan
  93. 93.Couturier's director spending with reference to court
  94. 94.Now I'm done, buffet before noon is excessive
  95. 95.Holding back on style rudely and in an abrupt way
  96. 96.Understanding escort entertaining non-smoker
  97. 97.Dance with a tush swaying, husbands are straying
  98. 98.Is a call about dingy drab?
  99. 99.Regular loads for boilers
  100. 100.Excellent time with figure repeatedly heard
  101. 101.Oldie being revamped at the expense of image
  102. 102.Biden's irritated pleasant Republican in the top slot
  103. 103.A cold afternoon and one finds nutritious fruit
  104. 104.Lay to rest a storyteller leaving out finish among other things
  105. 105.Very poor donkey daughter exchanged for last of these
  106. 106.Get a load of, eg, Charlie's sorrow
  107. 107.US poet accepting current comeback?
  108. 108.Brother, absorbed by rhythm, beginning to larrup drum
  109. 109.Antique bucket is dark red, filled with what borders on dreadful
  110. 110.Transform north-eastern community concerning botanist
  111. 111.Split stick to hold chop
  112. 112.Rating is just what's sought for the green light to go
  113. 113.Price of Branston's first special pickles
  114. 114.Posh wife binned flask
  115. 115.Avis nocturna, "ferali carmine” (Aen 4.462)
  116. 116.Give me help, doctors; dic te a me confusum esse
  117. 117.A little book (acc); "cui dono lepidum novum ____?” Catullus 1.1
  118. 118.Orbis caelestis noctu videndus; deae nomen
  119. 119.Tempus parvum (acc); annum et ____ 16 1 et 18d
  120. 120.Argentum, nummos, divitias (acc sing); cf 4d
  121. 121.A piggy-wig
  122. 122.Clothing (pl noun)
  123. 123.They sail
  124. 124.It has been, perhaps is no more
  125. 125.Aeneae filii: "spes heredis ____” appealed to by Mercury Aen 4.274
  126. 126.On account of a wound
  127. 127.Q ____ Flaccus, poeta notissimus
  128. 128.With thirst, dryness; a desert "deserta ____ regio” Aen 4.42
  129. 129.Mea domus: locus ____ ____ the place where I live
  130. 130.Olive oil
  131. 131.Dulce aliquid, apibus factum, quod portabant 1 et 18d, ut dicitur
  132. 132.Pugnavit, certavit
  133. 133.Incola vici, qui agros curat
  134. 134.So big (fem s, n pl, nom)
  135. 135.Ei viro qui animalia marina hirundine captat
  136. 136.Charges — apud iudices audita
  137. 137.They drive out; 11ac ____ they demand payment
  138. 138.With a ring; non tintinnabulo, sed circulo aureo fortasse
  139. 139.A pussycat
  140. 140.The force you want
  141. 141.Town known for tick-borne disease admits average body full of enzymes
  142. 142.Toff in Sun means to manipulate text
  143. 143.Guy briefly entering nerve centre in Anchorage who's not been there long
  144. 144.Ape with extra loop at the stern channel for draining deck
  145. 145.See, primarily in East London, receding shallow lake there
  146. 146.Lay fellows surrounding bishop must separate 15
  147. 147.Australian native holds tooth with light-coloured coating
  148. 148.13 regularly visited Touraine
  149. 149."Horrible year” for a number in Elizabeth's reign?
  150. 150.Punch mate, losing head over plugging angry companion, heavily once

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