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  1. 1."Mother Earth” in ancient Roman mythology
  2. 2.Gossip craving thanks
  3. 3.Pronunciation sign over a short vowel
  4. 4."Sooner or later a false belief bumps up against ____ reality, usually on a battlefield” (George Orwell)
  5. 5.Core community's fine for fifty
  6. 6.An odourless component of natural gas and petroleum
  7. 7.Sacked absent politician? Mine might have a problem with that
  8. 8.____ played Nasser Ali in My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)
  9. 9.Nottinghamshire town where Fosse Way crosses the Trent
  10. 10.Gannet flying about with river bird
  11. 11."Live long and prosper” normally follows ____
  12. 12.Be able to manage number going around tense after game
  13. 13."I am become death, the ____ of worlds” (Bhagavad Gita, quoted by Robert Oppenheimer)
  14. 14.Gilbert & Sullivan operetta about a "breach of promise” suit
  15. 15.Obliging spirit of Brussels girl?
  16. 16.Plans to spend a day in Rome
  17. 17.John Marston is the main character in this 2010 video game
  18. 18.Potential killer close to US city? One must leave
  19. 19.German love song popular during World War II, as spelt on a 1945 recording
  20. 20."Prose is spoken aloud; poetry ____” (Joyce Carol Oates)
  21. 21.Insect head and wing
  22. 22.Particle involving zero spin
  23. 23.Synagogue regularly plundered in the middle city
  24. 24.That which one magpie may represent
  25. 25.What sailors call the Intertropical Convergence Zone
  26. 26.Singer with five No 1 albums in the UK
  27. 27.Mrs ____ is the housekeeper in Father Ted
  28. 28.Very pointed rule by supreme commander in hall
  29. 29.Journalist whose "scoop of the century” was the outbreak of World War II
  30. 30.With little ready I will certainly get something to chew
  31. 31.Modern pagan religion, venerating a Triple Goddess and Horned God
  32. 32.A small fish called "pinkeen” in Ireland
  33. 33.Surpassing a jewel, one stolen in French society
  34. 34.Mary Lou ____ won all-around gymnastics gold at the 1984 Olympics
  35. 35.Heroin from the US with Ecstasy in pouches
  36. 36.Relative often seen as prim or old-fashioned
  37. 37.Type of bread Italian company felt advanced
  38. 38.Portrayer of Perseus in a 1981 film and a 2007 video game
  39. 39.Corporal, one picking up speaker at defence meeting?
  40. 40.A ____ red curry includes toasted baguette bread
  41. 41.Look into a principle without support
  42. 42.Novel whose antagonist is Jack Merridew
  43. 43.Northernmost part of Canada's Nunavut territory
  44. 44.Dirty old skate
  45. 45.The ____ is a strait known in antiquity as the Hellespont
  46. 46.Old river sediment spades removed
  47. 47.David Bowie persona described as "a junkie, strung out in heaven's high, hitting an all-time low
  48. 48.Language spoken in north-eastern India
  49. 49.Grower's skill entering them half cut in local prize stupefied
  50. 50.Mark Radcliffe's co-presenter on BBC Radio 6 Music's weekend breakfast show
  51. 51.Model T they alter as lead compound is in fuel
  52. 52."Dozens of drivers stranded on the A30 in Devon ____ in a school overnight” (Times "Weather Eye”, March 2023)
  53. 53.Vegetable used by Hannah Arendt as a metaphor for the organisational structure of totalitarianism
  54. 54.Wise Man without a bit of myrrh or gold representative of another land
  55. 55.Feature of Early English branch line
  56. 56.Japanese car maker, its name meaning Seven Sisters (the star cluster)
  57. 57.Truly local fruit — one being English
  58. 58.With little benefit
  59. 59.1941 Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine
  60. 60.Refuse cataloguing system for books
  61. 61.Dog perhaps dropping a part of jellyfish
  62. 62.Band whose first UK hit was Mad World in 1982
  63. 63.Hindu custom turning back palms
  64. 64.Large-leafed type of beet, often with red or yellow stalks
  65. 65."He is the very pineapple of politeness!” for example
  66. 66.Word used to emphasise a more appropriate word than one just used
  67. 67.Mountainous land even if worthless in the Highlands
  68. 68.Dagger in the stocking of full Highland dress
  69. 69.Nautical equivalent of "stop!
  70. 70.Rust — treat after earlier operation
  71. 71.1963 Roy Orbison rock ballad about lost love
  72. 72.Harold ____ was a prominent intellectual in the Labour party until his death in 1950
  73. 73.Wild centaury which might be poisonous
  74. 74.Former name of the Sellafield nuclear site
  75. 75.Rapture you can develop with Jesu
  76. 76."The best female voice in the world” (Paul McCartney)
  77. 77.Horse cloth, it covers middle of the pair carrying queen
  78. 78.First World War painting by John Nash, housed at the Imperial War Museum in London
  79. 79.Press time cut by hour
  80. 80.In musical instructions, "quicker”
  81. 81.Those involved in racket reported traveller lad
  82. 82."Greatly inferior in size and splendour to the country ____ of most of the [British] nobility” (Martin Van Buren on the White House)
  83. 83.Old game played with matchsticks
  84. 84.Military rule rose before Wellington perhaps