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  1. 1.Left looking back, one holy person who sees the Bible in a particular way
  2. 2."Authority intoxicates, / And makes mere sots of magistrates; / The ____ of it invade the brain” (Samuel Butler)
  3. 3.Piglet: Do you think it's a-a-a Woozle? Pooh: It may be. ____ it is, and ____ it isn't
  4. 4.Ancient Greece's "father of geometry”
  5. 5.Rarely sweat as a second villain on ship?
  6. 6.Joe ____'s plays include Loot and Entertaining Mr Sloane
  7. 7.Across a road spot part of a vessel
  8. 8.German romanesque churches often have ____ at both ends of the nave
  9. 9.Fly in science dull and boring?
  10. 10.The capital of Brazil, 1763-1960
  11. 11.A common name for various notably prickly shrubs
  12. 12.Indentation in basket having name inscribed
  13. 13.The social worker with energy descending in Kent district
  14. 14.Old-fashioned or conservative behaviour
  15. 15.The world's largest bird of prey
  16. 16.Small bird, widespread in much of Europe, and found in ancient pinewoods in northern Scotland
  17. 17.Time to meet actress Thora in the interval
  18. 18.Being fastidious gets journalist into depression, taking bash
  19. 19.Rodney's girlfriend, later wife, in Only Fools and Horses
  20. 20.Artist set up firm in Bow
  21. 21.Footballer who co-hosted Match of the Day, 1992-2014
  22. 22.What's culturally distinctive in the clan, I fancy
  23. 23.In social insects, a distinct form like queen or worker
  24. 24.Hawk once to fly high
  25. 25.A Lancashire ____ is traditionally served with pickled red cabbage
  26. 26.Land is meadow? Only some, a tenth
  27. 27.1991 film starring Michael J Fox as aspiring surgeon Benjamin Stone
  28. 28.Sandy's weird voice is evident in crazy chat
  29. 29.Informally, anaesthetised
  30. 30.Male bird having an hour by lake
  31. 31.Hamlet character with a name previously used in The Odyssey
  32. 32.A ship in position heading up towards the orient
  33. 33.Russian novelist Ivan ____ created the character Oblomov, a personification of procrastination and idleness
  34. 34.Lionel Messi made his professional debut for FC ____
  35. 35.Game show first seen on British TV sets in 1951
  36. 36.Stopping novel three-quarters through — what's smart about that?
  37. 37.Irish poet who wrote the lyrics for The Last Rose of Summer and The Minstrel Boy
  38. 38."Idle hands are the Devil's ____” (English proverb)
  39. 39.Not suitable
  40. 40.Measurement taken from crotch to ankle
  41. 41.Poetic line produced by son dropping out of academic period
  42. 42.Pulls oxen around side of mountain
  43. 43.Decoration of furniture with veneers, mainly of wood
  44. 44.In America, a luxury car noted for handling rather than comfort
  45. 45.A judge's review of evidence given to the jury
  46. 46.The Mysterious ___ at Styles was Agatha Christie's first book
  47. 47.Scottish judge in old secret about church
  48. 48.Tree French gentlemen planted in holy location
  49. 49.Purple ____ was once thought to improve dairy cow yields
  50. 50.Part of flower damaged in opera porch
  51. 51.Someone who ____ made a rather dishonest attempt to get something or impress someone
  52. 52.Early fruiting variety about to be invaded by a pest shortly
  53. 53.A rowdy reveller
  54. 54.Sanity one lost, somehow becoming nervous
  55. 55.The first name of the singer-songwriter known as Duffy
  56. 56.Prolific actor whose sole Oscar was for his role as Nick Chevotarevich in The Deer Hunter
  57. 57.Shun violent animal — or destroy
  58. 58.The woman's covering body part — so as not to be this?
  59. 59.River which empties into the Arabian Sea near Karachi
  60. 60.Troublesome friends may be "emotionally ____”
  61. 61.The 2013 ____ Dealers Act made it illegal to pay cash for ____
  62. 62.A father joins Irish singer in great hall
  63. 63.Beach with nuisance not acceptable for the nobs
  64. 64.2001 action film starring Steven Seagal and rapper DMX
  65. 65.Maiden has to be in Paris endlessly getting round — using this?
  66. 66.In 2018, British cyclist ____ became the third rider, after Eddy Mercx and Bernard Hinault, to hold all three Grand Tour titles simultaneously
  67. 67.Soldiers by the French border
  68. 68.One of two names for a tissue transplant from an unrelated member of the same species
  69. 69.Picture in church room vandalised
  70. 70.To make a security no longer tradeable at a stock exchange
  71. 71.Good health reduced by 50 per cent? That's awful trouble for Jock
  72. 72.Garden game involving at least a dozen shots per player
  73. 73.Poetess is blue, showing love rather than anger
  74. 74.Spaghetti Junction lies in this suburb of Birmingham
  75. 75.Fine boy in Victorian novel
  76. 76.Plant recommended by Culpeper to cure dimness of sight
  77. 77.Pig with solid figure entering pub
  78. 78.Someone who ____ does not play safe
  79. 79.Surrey town named from Old English for "river-source”
  80. 80.Main protagonist of children's books by Tove Jansson
  81. 81.Jabber in Society club
  82. 82.Singer who recorded I Know Him So Well (from Chess) with Barbara Dickson
  83. 83.Leading Shakespeare actress in late 19th-century Britain
  84. 84.Ben ____ was the main writer of the 1920s and 1930s Aldwych farces
  85. 85.1982 film in which Dustin Hoffman's character uses deception to secure a soap opera role
  86. 86.Excellent little addition to sofa? Reverse of that, old