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  1. 1.Thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour
  2. 2.Louis ____ is famous for high-end bags and leather goods
  3. 3.Writer of The African Queen and other nautical tales
  4. 4.Somewhat unlikely having it for special shawl
  5. 5.Attorney left backing worm
  6. 6.The name of seven Stuart kings of Scotland
  7. 7.Belgian winner of the 2021 Wimbledon women's doubles, with Hsieh Su-wei
  8. 8.Atmosphere in restaurant
  9. 9.Jockey who won his debut Grand National at odds of 100/1 in 2009
  10. 10.Synthetic polymer often used to make wet suits
  11. 11.Rab C's one about wife in bedroom
  12. 12.While I breathe,I hope' (Latin)
  13. 13.We're inseparable as one in unchanged group comes out on top
  14. 14."If you keep your eye on the profit, you're going to ____ on the product” (Steve Jobs)
  15. 15.Symbol indicating the position of middle C in some trombone, cello and bassoon parts
  16. 16.Millions getting stuck into hot toast is tops
  17. 17."Corruption, the most ____ symptom of constitutional liberty” (Edward Gibbon in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
  18. 18.Noun replacing quiet feeble sort is potty
  19. 19.Moroccan city in a 1969 Crosby, Stills & Nash song title
  20. 20.____s of the King is a Tennyson volume of Arthurian poetry
  21. 21.Please pray they're exceptionally quiet at the front
  22. 22.Supermarket chain created when West Yorkshire dairy and butchery companies merged in 1965
  23. 23.Dragonflies chase around before going up
  24. 24.Anglo-Indian dish in which the British contributions are fish and hard-boiled eggs
  25. 25.Carrot, cassava, turnip or yam
  26. 26.Tower possibly to be advised by King
  27. 27.Colloquially, a very unreasonable hour
  28. 28.Blushes as Bruce's scene flops following eccentricity
  29. 29.In a worthy way, awkwardly only involving Baron
  30. 30.The side piece of a door or window
  31. 31.____ is leaving requisite ogres formed extravagantly
  32. 32.League's first use of anything not involving line
  33. 33.Cistercian ruin in the North York Moors national park
  34. 34.Having no gills
  35. 35.Country house: term for family area
  36. 36.Pigeon bit first marsh-dweller
  37. 37.Busy butlers on tap, these define some kings
  38. 38."Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have ____, will march” (Book of The Damned, Charles Fort)
  39. 39.Model who said "We don't wake up for less than 10,000 dollars a day”
  40. 40.Nickname of the character played by Don Estelle in It Ain't Half Hot Mum
  41. 41."A poem is never finished, only ____” (WH Auden paraphrasing French poet Paul Valéry)
  42. 42.Trollop grins for locals around independent Earl
  43. 43.Equipment mostly with current ground worker
  44. 44.Inlet which is part of the Irish Sea shipping forecast area
  45. 45.German sweet bread traditionally eaten at Christmas
  46. 46.Public school for girls near Brighton
  47. 47.Turkish dish of aubergines stuffed with garlic, onions and tomatoes, apparently named after a prayer leader
  48. 48.Club's polled about starter
  49. 49.Local population name child who does the chasing over denial
  50. 50."The media's the most powerful ____ on earth” (Malcolm X)
  51. 51.Author of The Third Man
  52. 52.As used by poet, meat wagon is boring now
  53. 53.A demon, often in animal form, attending a witch
  54. 54.One with an uncanny ability to make money may be said to have the ____ touch
  55. 55.Collectors of pollen range across acres
  56. 56.Ceramic pieces with a metallic glaze
  57. 57.Born with money? Supplier of beneficial oil
  58. 58.Chiliad is a Greek-based word for ____ things
  59. 59."Lather, ____” is a colloquial indication of a tiresomely predictable procedure
  60. 60.Who lack conviction in Greece's capital? First couple are deported
  61. 61.To take drugs without supervision
  62. 62.Up-to-date telly's about overturning solemn settings
  63. 63.Greek letter between rho and tau
  64. 64.Unofficial name for the border between Germany and Poland
  65. 65.No longer stop children finding boggy ground
  66. 66.Flowering plant sometimes called sword lily
  67. 67.Remark about a moth spreading out
  68. 68.Derek ____ starred in the 1976 BBC series I, Claudius
  69. 69.Wind leads to bloating — offensive release assured
  70. 70.Temperature scale on which water boils at 80 degrees
  71. 71.Vehicle's condition in reversal of career
  72. 72.Rising wit sure to host grand assemblies
  73. 73.Ancient Greek site of the temple of Diana
  74. 74.One on benefit spotted cat climbing curtain
  75. 75.Tom Jones sang the theme song for this 1965 film
  76. 76.European local found during search
  77. 77.I try Pope or one of his ilk
  78. 78.Facial features of a "bombing” trend which began in the 2000s
  79. 79.Tropical trees of the species Roystonea regia, used ornamentally in the southern US
  80. 80.One sixteenth of an ounce
  81. 81.Scottish football club whose home matches were at Love Street stadium until 2009
  82. 82.Pay up for spitfire
  83. 83.American chap I see clutching mug like a tumbler?
  84. 84.Actor who came to prominence as a cowboy hitchhiker in the 1991 film Thelma & Louise