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  1. 1.Document listing 80 heresies, issued by the Holy See in 1864
  2. 2.In the Book of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and ____ are thrown into the fiery furnace
  3. 3.Blocking response in the matter of stringent sewer's product
  4. 4.Dancer may get into this academy, mostly late
  5. 5.Seize European scruff
  6. 6.Bernard ____ played M in eleven Bond films
  7. 7.In Love's Labour's Lost, a curate and friend of Holofernes
  8. 8.Hemingway, for example, casting central characters at first
  9. 9.Newspaper department which deals with business news
  10. 10.Game which involves flinging small ferrets
  11. 11.Looking up enough said possibly dramatically for early coppers
  12. 12.Vlad III, 15th-century voivode of Wallachia, was "the ____”
  13. 13.____ became the first female chairman of the Conservative party in 2002
  14. 14.Rugby game's postponement finally accepted causing outcries, as before
  15. 15.Ted ____ led the UK's best-known big band in the 1950s
  16. 16.At St Andrews most trim fellows reversed destiny in year off
  17. 17.Down under, a sleeve keeping one's beer cold
  18. 18.The normal stance for a left-handed boxer
  19. 19.Let know familiar tenor must be left
  20. 20.Attention held by ceremonial salt
  21. 21.Powerful males in an organisation, exercising anonymous influence
  22. 22.Ridged pasta tubes with square-cut ends
  23. 23.A ____ may use colours or shading to show land elevation
  24. 24.In the thick of domestic, Bond's boss must step back
  25. 25.Tell stories about being amongst your number
  26. 26.Italy's third-largest city (after Roma and Milano)
  27. 27.Popular name of the gardener and BBC presenter closely associated with the Dig for Victory campaign during the Second World War
  28. 28.Volume of air in a container mainly holding liquid
  29. 29.At Rome yes, better one speeding soul's delivery, supposedly
  30. 30.West Midlands motor manufacturer which became part of the Rootes Group in 1935
  31. 31.No longer flush dead fish
  32. 32.British winner of breaststroke gold at the 2016 Olympics
  33. 33.Text and images designed for display on web pages
  34. 34.Starters for those arriving peckish at Seville?
  35. 35.Former Australian rock band fronted by Michael Hutchence
  36. 36.Eire into shipping in mineral
  37. 37.The highest grade of olive oil
  38. 38.To go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly
  39. 39.First day in shopping centre gives you temper
  40. 40.Semi-precious form of chalcedony with bands of colour
  41. 41.Laurel, for example, in drag wandered around Ireland
  42. 42.The third power of a number
  43. 43."She had the ____ precocity of poverty” (Thackeray, describing Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair)
  44. 44.Little beast from centre of London borough turned over grass
  45. 45.Tower's seat is to be announced north of River
  46. 46.Name for a complex situation, coined by Walter Scott in his epic poem Marmion
  47. 47.Grandson of Titus in Titus Andronicus
  48. 48.Savage switch for Diana, say
  49. 49.The Ring nebula can be seen in this constellation
  50. 50.Scoundrel wallowing in self certainty
  51. 51.Growl once as fabulous creature that's hunted gets detailed
  52. 52.Decorative knot, often made around a cylinder
  53. 53.Played by Dustin Hoffman, Michael Dorsey's alter ego in the 1982 film Tootsie
  54. 54.Brown studies always with one in residence
  55. 55.Iron ____ is often called "fool's gold”
  56. 56.Former department store on the east side of Moscow's Red Square
  57. 57.Very joyful call over solitary double bass
  58. 58.Forename apparently created by a misspelling in Shakespeare's Cymbeline
  59. 59."Uneasy lies the head that wears a ____” (Henry IV, Part 2)
  60. 60.Pleasant baron's naive bumbling
  61. 61.A case of going in quick, biblically grasping muscle
  62. 62.The main product of Bärenreiter and Stainer & Bell
  63. 63.Links between historic structures, discovered or invented by Alfred Watkins in the 1920s
  64. 64.Bankrupt
  65. 65.Dodges down under succeeded with cotton fiber
  66. 66.Love poem being reinterpreted in a mass transit provision
  67. 67.American actress who is the daughter of Judy Garland
  68. 68.An organ stop imitating the sound of a flute
  69. 69.The second explosive invented by Alfred Nobel, in 1875
  70. 70.A ballet step
  71. 71.Strangeness, and another with it being taken out of the earth
  72. 72.Moral quality with Sturgeon's own group of bright stars
  73. 73.Germany's largest port
  74. 74.Area between the soft palate and the base of the skull
  75. 75.Soldiers get stuck into this protein quickly — flipping bad note
  76. 76.Irish type of ring, usually with two hands embracing a heart
  77. 77.Withholding power clear out press
  78. 78.Former rock band fronted by Michael Stipe
  79. 79.Masculine urban dweller, often with a beard and check shirt
  80. 80.Difficulty that finishes off dense oaf in Washington
  81. 81.An alternative name for yarn bombing
  82. 82.Hindu worshipper's object cut with thanks
  83. 83.Main antagonist of The Jungle Book
  84. 84.Paramaribo is the capital of this former Dutch colony
  85. 85.Comb over for male in these
  86. 86.Another name for the gloaming in which one may roam