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  1. 1.County town that inspired Casterbridge in the works of Thomas Hardy
  2. 2.Revolving machine part
  3. 3.Yellowish variety of quartz
  4. 4.Deep-fried tortilla topped with meat, cheese and beans
  5. 5.Bird such as the kea, kakapo or galah
  6. 6.Nickname of the British Army Reserve
  7. 7.Cold weather accessory
  8. 8.British sprinter, the 2019 women's 200m world champion
  9. 9.Sitcom featuring Norwich's most cringeworthy broadcaster
  10. 10.Plant louse or greenfly
  11. 11.Moroccan city overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar
  12. 12.Cricket delivery turning from a right-hander's on side to off
  13. 13.Gripping tool in carpentry and metalwork
  14. 14.Anglicised spelling of a province in the northwest of the Republic of Ireland
  15. 15.- James, blues vocalist whose signature song was At Last
  16. 16.Regional capital of Umbria in Italy
  17. 17.Commodity of predominant importance to a nation
  18. 18.Pieces of crispy crackling eaten as a snack
  19. 19.Peninsula projecting into the Atlantic from southeastern Massachusetts
  20. 20.Most famous invention of Percy Shaw (1890-1976)
  21. 21.Period of 20,160 minutes
  22. 22.Bela -, Hungarian-born actor famed for playing Dracula
  23. 23.One of the two Major League baseball teams based in Los Angeles
  24. 24.Arthurian son of Lancelot who sought the Holy Grail
  25. 25.Traditional name for the founders of the Plymouth Colony in 1620
  26. 26.Heavy metal band formed in the 1970s in Sheffield
  27. 27.Princess abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull
  28. 28.Old-fashioned name for sulphuric acid