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  1. 1.A deceiver
  2. 2.Three notes go with x-ray measurement
  3. 3.The words of a popular song
  4. 4.A bit of cloth advanced by the French?
  5. 5.In Stuart Little's home, Snowbell is this kind of pet
  6. 6.Edmond Dants is the protagonist of this Dumas novel
  7. 7.Miss and one with a Tesla have a breakdown
  8. 8.Comparatively weak on the road? Not this ruler
  9. 9.Many chemicals of this kind were used as refrigerants and propellants before the 1990s
  10. 10.Information about other information
  11. 11.City on the Loire liberated by Joan of Arc
  12. 12.Womaniser in Nicholas Rowe's 1702 play The Fair Penitent
  13. 13.Exclamation from Britain with extremes of bitter winter weather?
  14. 14.Purse empty, urgent call for funds in Latin America
  15. 15.Six 14th-century conclaves took place at the Palace of the Popes, in this city in a former papal enclave
  16. 16.Author of How to Win Friends and Influence People
  17. 17.Lime flourishing with one old group of trees
  18. 18.Stage name of the singer Stefani Germanotta
  19. 19.Oriental massaging offered by Korean model?
  20. 20.Australian tennis player who won grand slams as both an amateur and a professional
  21. 21.Richard Strauss's final operatic collaboration with librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal
  22. 22.Tries to contain pressure for sulphides?
  23. 23.Salad ingredient of the mustard family
  24. 24.Middle East ruler brought about government broadcast with a shock
  25. 25.A mistress, colloquially
  26. 26.Musical piece of several movements, mainly for a solo instrument
  27. 27.Publicity rebuffed after private meetings exposed in the theatre
  28. 28.The Midland Road was renamed Crossroads by Australian TV producer ____
  29. 29.Trouble over a nude shot
  30. 30.Louisiana cuisine using "dirty rice”
  31. 31.The original version of this game show was the Germany show Die Chance deines Lebens
  32. 32.Pole mentioned being unskilled
  33. 33.Russian in assembly dead detached?
  34. 34.Historically, a court usher, bailiff or sheriff's officer
  35. 35.Original host of the game show Winner Takes All
  36. 36.Rising price accepted in lots for very large fish
  37. 37.Former name of India's former capital
  38. 38.Piece of music taken from a light part of raga?
  39. 39.Almost convinced about old Italian bread
  40. 40.David ____'s list of 23 problems, published in 1902, kept mathematicians busy for much of the 20th century
  41. 41.Country whose motto is 'Unity in diversity
  42. 42.A certain Republican's whopper
  43. 43.Alphabetically in English, the first of the seven deadly sins
  44. 44.Sort of dog some like unrestrained for a change
  45. 45.Jones's belligerent catchphrase in Dad's Army
  46. 46.The "i” of "mile” but not "mill”, for example
  47. 47.Griddle in pub not half advanced
  48. 48.Coward's Private Lives primarily about love, romantic or not?
  49. 49.In mathematics, that which may be rational or irrational
  50. 50.Country whose main languages are Amharic and Oromo
  51. 51.Vitamin A
  52. 52.Bone which runs parallel to the radius
  53. 53.Day off, climbed high in a tree
  54. 54.Chef's papers from past, many in stacks
  55. 55.George Carey, ____, Justin Welby
  56. 56.Among the main Muppet characters, Pepe the ____ is the only crustacean
  57. 57.Character played by Robert Beltran in Star Trek: Voyager
  58. 58.Sheet of ratings shocks lecturer
  59. 59.Star partner of Sonny in a number about right
  60. 60.Sleep, for a child
  61. 61.In plural form, this showy plant is the nickname of cricket teams representing 8D
  62. 62.Small number spoil quarters for religious trainees
  63. 63.Chinese tea whose name means "black dragon”
  64. 64.Soak clothing with difficulty in tiny stream
  65. 65.Gemstone which is a form of hydrated silica
  66. 66.____ became a four-piece when Zayn Malik left in 2015
  67. 67.Wrap up duck rolls and fish
  68. 68.Stringed instrument played by the wind
  69. 69.Went around one part of hospital holding doctor up
  70. 70.Austrian composer of atonal and twelve-tone music
  71. 71.Informally, by general agreement and without discussion
  72. 72.Egyptian girls pretended indeed to get backing
  73. 73.Hindu goddess of destruction, sometimes depicted with a necklace of skulls or severed heads
  74. 74.As a regional breakfast, the "____ fry” adds fried soda bread and potato cake to a "full English”
  75. 75.Canonical hour observed at around 3 pm
  76. 76.Not in good condition after start of home care
  77. 77.In a risky situation having a cracking future?
  78. 78.Peculiar contracted fence of stakes catching fish
  79. 79.Austrian folk dance similar to a slow waltz
  80. 80.One form of this percussion instrument was first used orchestrally in Mahler's sixth and seventh symphonies
  81. 81.Fleshy part of leg cut in wound seen on a muscle
  82. 82.Ancient Greek marble finally succeeded in America
  83. 83.Language? Yes, used by many Andeans raising alpacas, originally
  84. 84.A street and its Metro station in Paris are named after this author who wrote Penguin Island