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  1. 1.Actress who made her screen debut with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's 1994 video for Crazy
  2. 2.Score a goal at Ibrox? Rampant Leeds hit haul
  3. 3.Local girl gets over Filipino
  4. 4.Asian religion whose sacred powers are the kami
  5. 5.Pale long-legged wading birds
  6. 6.This could be shaping how an area is mostly dry
  7. 7.Conservative in race debate finally to resign from party
  8. 8.Polish author of the 1961 Sci-fi novel Solaris
  9. 9.Crested tit next to quarry
  10. 10.Novelist, poet and critic who wrote I, Claudius
  11. 11.In the Bible, what was dreamt of by Esau's brother
  12. 12.Hospital chaps to bandage one lady's fingers
  13. 13.We help to train songbirds or similar set in trees twittering
  14. 14.Tadpoles and silkworms are both ____
  15. 15.What indicates my dismay? Answer: plant fibres
  16. 16.Common reason for reduced flight duration
  17. 17.Second film in the Pink Panther franchise
  18. 18.Spoke thoughtfully about something to oneself
  19. 19.Greek department saying to cut back on funding
  20. 20.Animal whose males and females are hobs and jills
  21. 21.In German, this religious festival is "Christi Himmelfahrt”
  22. 22.Event in both skiing and canoeing championships
  23. 23.Marksman hits too randomly after onset of short-sightedness
  24. 24.Stage name of spy Margaretha Geertruida Zelle
  25. 25.No news in quest after pine cabin
  26. 26.In Star Wars, those using the dark side of the Force
  27. 27.Band who released Brimful of Asha in 1997
  28. 28.City which hosted the 1984 Winter Olympic games
  29. 29.Masqueraded about university in England after combined operations go amiss
  30. 30.Sex hormone's sadly gone limiting enthusiasm
  31. 31.Edible type of butter also used in cosmetics
  32. 32.Film mogul who flew the 320ft wingspan Spruce Goose flying boat in 1947
  33. 33.Eminem perhaps cut off and left beating on a drum
  34. 34.Case for Needles and Pins being regularly covered sixties UK hit?
  35. 35.Village at the southern end of the Pennine Way
  36. 36."We need a ____ here. Where are you? Where are you? Let's be havin' you!” (Delia Smith)
  37. 37.In Persian mythology, the God of sun and light
  38. 38.Notch is in coin that's damaged
  39. 39."Poetry is what ____ translation. It is also what ____ interpretation” (Robert Frost)
  40. 40.Former monastery in London which later became a school and a home for poor men
  41. 41.Club's part in trainee player's comeback
  42. 42.Spaceship whose onboard computer was a Hal 9000
  43. 43.Resentment returning in extremes of Christians — requirement for this?
  44. 44.Reasonableness blowing top over domestic slave
  45. 45.Cockney rhyming slang for an American person
  46. 46.In hockey, free strokes taken from the goal line
  47. 47.Take a breather having unwrapped kebab in lap
  48. 48.In India, bear taste of Bombay potato
  49. 49.Actor who played Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs
  50. 50.Declaim zero cost
  51. 51.The "foma” that "make you brave and kind and healthy and happy” in Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle are harmless ____
  52. 52.A natural trap for insects
  53. 53.Narrow strait accommodating short haul at sea
  54. 54.Gang member is rarely thrown around
  55. 55.Traditional group of strolling Mexican musicians
  56. 56.Disreputable woman included in employed within organisation
  57. 57.Netted hoop of Amerindian origin, hung above a bed
  58. 58.Official units of currency in Guadeloupe
  59. 59.As was singer Billy Ray Cyrus's breaky heart in 1992
  60. 60.Was a rum shrub containing ginger roots?
  61. 61.In shape, a perfectly formed alum crystal is ____
  62. 62.1 e4 e5 2 Bc4 Nc6 3 Qh5 Nf6 4 Qxf7#
  63. 63.Make extremely wet
  64. 64."In Oppley they're smart, and in Stouch they're ____, but Midwich folk are just plain barmy' (John Wyndham)
  65. 65.English scholars start to teach slang is wrong
  66. 66.Eejit put my husband out
  67. 67.Chris Barrie plays a holographic role in this BBC sitcom
  68. 68.One of the world's three independent countries still ruled by a sultan
  69. 69.The Italian name for breadsticks
  70. 70.More than happy about victory involving double-header
  71. 71.More than one concert hall song with alto
  72. 72.Kol ____ is a declaration made on the night of Yom Kippur
  73. 73.Going back on one's promise
  74. 74.French plan that is to include Germany and Spain
  75. 75.Little holy one is feeble carrying scriptures
  76. 76.Mist on northeastern British coasts
  77. 77.Type of hat worn by Inspector Clouseau in 10D
  78. 78.Mineral water essentially illuminated in appearance
  79. 79.Large flightless bird of South America
  80. 80.Author of The Magic Toyshop (1967)
  81. 81.Waders start to slip on rocks
  82. 82.Goldfinger cheats at this card game in a 1964 Bond film
  83. 83.Over time caught a chub-like fish with two rays
  84. 84.____: More Than Meats the Pie was a 2013 Sky1 documentary about a bakery chain
  85. 85.Sister of the Greek Furies Megaera and Tisiphone
  86. 86.Part of foreleg covering lion's head in a Stubbs?