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  1. 1.Footballer who won the Champions League with Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan
  2. 2.Short month advanced rush to the west for barge
  3. 3.Pointed lever used as a fulcrum for moving heavy objects
  4. 4.This warrior's funeral is described at the end of The Iliad
  5. 5.Quiet respect in motion's mandates
  6. 6.A military administrator
  7. 7.The American label ____ Records was created in the 1950s to produce recordings by Ella Fitzgerald
  8. 8.With husband being absent turn grass fibre
  9. 9.Cross-country pipeline's first rank on top site that's reinstated
  10. 10.Medical device which removes fluid from a bodily cavity
  11. 11.BBC children's television programme starring a drop-eared Skye terrier
  12. 12.Uncle that's forgotten about getting into lewd literary gem
  13. 13.Equity's contest over cape
  14. 14.Former regiment, now a battalion in the Royal Regiment of Scotland
  15. 15.1998 Nick Hornby novel which frequently mentions the rock band Nirvana
  16. 16.Flipping inflexible eastern wrapper
  17. 17.That which is known as basswood in America
  18. 18.Pindar's second refrain about zip of Olympian's juice?
  19. 19.Poet who wrote "Why did the Lord give us agility / If not to evade responsibility?”
  20. 20.A fungus growing on woody debris in early spring
  21. 21.Notice small trick reversing racing breaks
  22. 22.A sporting alternative to "thrash”
  23. 23.Dodgy repute absorbing American, so Biden's all at sea
  24. 24.In the Bible, the mother of Ishmael
  25. 25.There's No Business Like Show Business became the signature song of this actress
  26. 26.A hollow opening for Ravi's raga
  27. 27."If to be fat be to be hated, then ____'s lean kine are to be loved” (Henry IV, Part I)
  28. 28.Dreadfully intrusive descendant rocked up at day's end
  29. 29.Trickery with deck
  30. 30.An Irish name for an itinerant labourer or a rascal
  31. 31.Roman fortification which lay between the Firth of Forth and Firth of Clyde
  32. 32.Undercut coal by old form of physical discipline
  33. 33.Frankincense or myrrh, for example
  34. 34.Homework before piano
  35. 35.Clan is heading to Ellesmere Port
  36. 36.Dorset coastal feature on which pebble size is a good guide to your location
  37. 37.Crushing implement used with a mortar
  38. 38.Insect usually born as a female nymph, which secretes honeydew
  39. 39.The leading rider in this grand tour wears the maglia rosa
  40. 40.Is Lord within independent municipality ready for siege?
  41. 41.Greek letter denoting an unknown angle in geometry
  42. 42.Cargo service is essential to investor ordering from the east
  43. 43.The rarest naturally occurring element in the earth's crust
  44. 44.Kingdom whose capital is Phnom Penh
  45. 45.Probably Jack's forgotten edge of hull is bearing cargo
  46. 46.Type of engine used for hypersonic flight
  47. 47.Radioactive element, one of two elements named after Norse gods
  48. 48.One who's more stylish than effective and could be ____
  49. 49.Very obvious rule in humour — start in low gear somehow
  50. 50.Drama exemplified by works of Plautus and Terence
  51. 51.Hormone produced by the pancreas
  52. 52.Term for fabric used for very considerable throw
  53. 53.Southern trucks shot in part of scene nearly spinning
  54. 54.A natural underground layer of material
  55. 55.Rector visiting residences is what's useful in small doses
  56. 56.The transfer of legal title to a property
  57. 57.Dope runs for second round of shrub
  58. 58.American poet best known for Howl
  59. 59.Constellation between Canis Major and Canis Minor, also called the Unicorn
  60. 60.Felonious fellows according to police sergeant
  61. 61.Actress who starred as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City
  62. 62.Express irritability about following chap of social consequence
  63. 63.The original presenter of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  64. 64.Culture and fashion magazine; a location in The Pilgrim's Progress
  65. 65.One's own kin back hosting Queen, Mistress of Balmoral?
  66. 66.A name for songs in musicals expressing desire or ambition, such as Wouldn't It Be Loverly in My Fair Lady
  67. 67.3-D representation female and I developed in society of painters
  68. 68.Either of the facial palpebrae
  69. 69.The wall between nostrils
  70. 70.Avoid nothing from within
  71. 71.Sweden's ____ is the only female golfer to shoot a round of 59 in competition
  72. 72.Constant honk becomes familiar
  73. 73.Look! Brass such as Bond got?
  74. 74.German name for the river which carries more traffic than any other in the world
  75. 75.This Italian artist's Last Supper became The Feast in the House of Levi due to content like drunken soldiers and a jester
  76. 76.Naive president ultimately becoming dull
  77. 77.The leader of a military band, such as one in the 6D
  78. 78.Previous regulator of supply measuring something impressive
  79. 79.Vessel of hot water into which another vessel is placed for slow cooking
  80. 80.Vaguely sure about answer in frankincense? Solver needs this
  81. 81.Human body organs, especially those in the abdomen
  82. 82.Carrick ____ is a major anchorage in the Fal estuary
  83. 83.Beginning with one in some places not by virtue of office
  84. 84.A file sent with an email