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  1. 1.Flow of water seen in journey around one green
  2. 2.Film in which Marlon Brando plays Sky Masterson
  3. 3.Song which won the inaugural (and last) Grammy award for the best disco recording in 1980
  4. 4."O may I join the ____ invisible.” (George Eliot)
  5. 5.African capital founded as a settlement for liberated slaves
  6. 6.Everyone must wear fixed helmet
  7. 7.Bird lacking right food
  8. 8.Norman ____ is an archenemy of Spider-Man
  9. 9.Former patent clerk who won a 1921 Nobel prize
  10. 10.Applaud Information Technology incorporating the latest in slick software
  11. 11.Actress whose younger brother is Warren Beatty
  12. 12.Clear the foreign weed?
  13. 13.The 1957 Panorama news report on the spaghetti harvest in Switzerland's Ticino canton was an example of this
  14. 14.Soup bishop tipped over in riotous social occasion?
  15. 15."I am of course notoriously hooked on ____. I keep hoping the things will kill me” (Kurt Vonnegut)
  16. 16.Statuettes designed by art director Cedric Gibbons
  17. 17.Is woman diminished without kids?
  18. 18.In short time a small egg is seen as sacred object
  19. 19.Politician who claimed the naughtiest thing she'd done was to run through fields of wheat as a child
  20. 20.1983 cross-dressing Barbra Streisand film
  21. 21.A British soldier in 1776 or a camp entertainer?
  22. 22.I cut a lump out — a flowery cluster
  23. 23.Nasty headless bogey to disappear, as before?
  24. 24.Satellite used in the first transatlantic broadcast
  25. 25."No admittance. Not even ____ personnel. You are wasting your time here. Go away.” (Douglas Adams)
  26. 26.French for "dish of the day”
  27. 27.Imagine identity getting almost eroded
  28. 28.Immigrant in one ship that is heading north
  29. 29.Sobriquet shared by a duchess and an ex-football manager
  30. 30.Rare game with large number getting no score
  31. 31.Emanuel ____ was world chess champion for 27 years
  32. 32.Letter just produced, first off
  33. 33."In recent years we have been served up a lot of ____ about the need for a national identity. We have been urged to sing imbecile jingles . . .” (Patrick White)
  34. 34.Supporting fashionable position, say
  35. 35.American stand-up comedian who has starred in a sitcom and talk show with their forename in the title
  36. 36.The ____ gained fame by travelling 120 feet in 12 seconds at Kill Devil Hills in 1903
  37. 37.A crowd round edge of village with a basic form of life
  38. 38.Dish of toast with a cheese-based sauce
  39. 39.Instruments from India borne by celebrities
  40. 40.Tiny bird in waste water
  41. 41.Zayn Malik left this X-Factor-created boyband in 2015
  42. 42.Authority responsible for lightship maintenance
  43. 43.Wikipedia's name for an article too short to provide encyclopaedic coverage
  44. 44.Form of football invented at a public school
  45. 45.Old farm animal slaughtered for Easter
  46. 46.Agent with ingratiating manner
  47. 47."Liberal my views upon religion and race; / Tax-posture, credit-rating, social ambition / ____ with me.” (WH Auden)
  48. 48."Shall worms, inheritors of this excess, / ____ thy charge?” (Shakespeare)
  49. 49.Gloom once of daughter, brought up inadequately
  50. 50.Sign on vehicle recently parked outside Public Library
  51. 51.One word for making someone a member of the clergy
  52. 52.Baroness Evans of Bowes Park is the current ____
  53. 53.Growling maiden in unrestrained display of temper about to be restrained
  54. 54."If a topic makes you [. . .] laugh, or sigh, or ____ — or react physically in any way — you have a winner” (Scott Adams, Dilbert cartoonist)
  55. 55.A new atomiser for perfume
  56. 56.Silver coin the French female put in bowl
  57. 57.Independent US government agency founded in 1958 chiefly as a response to the launch of Sputnik
  58. 58.Man-eater nicknamed "the wastebasket of the sea”
  59. 59.A weather-affecting warming of the Pacific Ocean
  60. 60.Old cut offered by markets rejected — a trick!
  61. 61.A mother in charge of father initially
  62. 62.Body parts which normally become visible after age 17
  63. 63.Dog breed originally used to ?"flush” game from cover
  64. 64."Everybody's Free (To Wear ____)” (1997 spoken word song by Baz Luhrmann, quoting Mary Schmich)
  65. 65.Bid made by mean person wanting minimum of expenditure
  66. 66.Part of chemical to be effective in upsetting sickness
  67. 67.White fur traditionally worn in the House of Lords
  68. 68.Fairy tale woodcutter's daughter who kills a witch
  69. 69.Yorkshire playwright who wrote Talking Heads
  70. 70.Roman boy in dog's mess?
  71. 71.Change again as dieter taking new course
  72. 72.Positions associated with comfort, action or panic
  73. 73.Happened to get love — a relief?
  74. 74.Kill Devil Hills and Cape Hatteras are in this US state
  75. 75.Gathering for men being old, lacking energy in posture
  76. 76.Primo Levi novel first published in 1982 as Se non ora, quando?
  77. 77.Redundant old site, derelict, containing nothing
  78. 78.Milled durum wheat product used to make polenta
  79. 79.Primary goddess of Babylonians and Assyrians
  80. 80.Ruffled cook concealing what's bad
  81. 81.In biology, having multiple small branches
  82. 82.Liveliness of goblin, character ultimately making maximum ascent