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  1. 1.Germanic invaders of the later Roman Empire
  2. 2.Author of Howards End and A Passage to India
  3. 3.Most recent foreign-born UK prime minister before the current incumbent
  4. 4.Last winner of acting Oscars in two consecutive years
  5. 5.Country where 100 satang make one baht
  6. 6.German philosopher associated with dialectics
  7. 7.Musician born Gordon Sumner in 1951
  8. 8.Ravi -, celebrated sitarist
  9. 9.Mythical maiden turned into a spider by Athena
  10. 10.Judges acting as the highest court of appeal up to 2009
  11. 11.The -, US TV series about an introspective crime boss
  12. 12.British javelin gold medallist at the Los Angeles Olympics
  13. 13.Alan -, record holder for most Test dismissals as a wicketkeeper for England
  14. 14.The Beatles' final studio album
  15. 15.Red supergiant in the constellation Scorpius
  16. 16.Agency based at Explorer House, Southampton
  17. 17.Poet laureate whose nautical verse includes Cargoes
  18. 18.Only country outside Europe to constitute a true enclave
  19. 19.Member of a Mexican culture that flourished c 950-1160
  20. 20.- Strait, channel between New Guinea and Australia
  21. 21.Only British tennis champion in singles at Roland Garros during the open era
  22. 22.Hound breed named from the French for "low”
  23. 23.High Renaissance painter of the Sistine Madonna
  24. 24.Ovoid wind instrument
  25. 25.Balkan-born developer of AC electrical technology
  26. 26.The Andean high plateau
  27. 27.Teacher of Plato
  28. 28.Area in which Thomas Hardy set many of his novels
  29. 29.- Bening, The Grifters and American Beauty actress
  30. 30.Element constituting 0.93 per cent of Earth's atmosphere