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  1. 1.Oxfordshire market town, birthplace of Alfred the Great
  2. 2.A record's climbing and rides high — see it in the pop charts?
  3. 3.Silkworms which produce a coarse, fawn-coloured silk
  4. 4.Informally, an unpleasant smell
  5. 5.Roy ____'s topical sketch show on BBC Radio Two ran from 1975 to 2001
  6. 6.Not one to put up or put down
  7. 7.Gun carried by worst enemy
  8. 8.A right enjoyed to limited use of a neighbour's land, often to cross it to reach one's own property
  9. 9.French term for an intelligent and cultured male
  10. 10.Musical instruction in educational institution inadequate? Certainly not!
  11. 11.Former Coronation Street character played by Lynne Perrie
  12. 12.Goodwill shown by little woman embracing modern technology
  13. 13.The ____ is familiarly known as the Quakers
  14. 14.A washed-rind cow's milk cheese made in northern Italy
  15. 15.Quiet drink? Not quiet drink!
  16. 16.US cult leader who was jailed for life in 1971, and died in 2017
  17. 17.Bosses no longer linked to one part of the establishment
  18. 18.Actor whose roles include that of Beria in Armando Ianucci's The Death of Stalin (2017)
  19. 19.On return materialised as one who would set up an idol?
  20. 20.Fabric gathered to make an ornamental frill
  21. 21.Optical illusion in which a box shape appears to have two possible orientations
  22. 22.Ail badly with a run — it's the bones
  23. 23.Argentinian city in which the country's flag was first raised, by General Manuel Belgrano
  24. 24.Duck s-somewhere in Ireland
  25. 25.Cartoonist for The Sunday Times, 1967-2017
  26. 26.Odd Scottish soldiers, gunners
  27. 27.Trader in drink as one who looks to get a nap?
  28. 28.What Christ taught in Matthew vi, 9-13 and Luke xi, 2-4
  29. 29.In the 1990s, Paul ____ played for Manchester United, Inter Milan and Liverpool
  30. 30.Plaice due to migrate — a whole family of fish
  31. 31.The type of bowling for which Edgar Willsher was no-balled six times in a match at the Oval in 1862
  32. 32.Yesteryear's well-off youngster said to get reproof from Mac
  33. 33.Isn't well — goes to doctor and bows
  34. 34.To celebrate lavishly, especially on the return of a prodigal
  35. 35.An archaic alternative to "sculptors”
  36. 36.Breaking up, large icy pieces
  37. 37.Short tubes on the end of shoelaces
  38. 38.French-born winner of the best actress Oscar in 1935, for It Happened One Night, in which she starred with Clark Gable
  39. 39.Use Socratic method of discussion — what could be noisier?
  40. 40.One name for the electrical discharge which travels along an axon
  41. 41.People creating ruffles with request that's abrupt, short
  42. 42."E pluribus unum” means "____, one”
  43. 43.A list showing every use of a significant word in a text, especially the Bible
  44. 44.Time interval defined in terms of caesium-133 radiation frequency
  45. 45.Macbeth an example? His status can be seen
  46. 46.Molecules of ____ dyes have two adjacent nitrogen atoms between carbon atoms
  47. 47.Child has gone mad about gypsy in colourful material
  48. 48.Pen name of Danish author Karen Blixen
  49. 49.Another name for the puma
  50. 50.A god gets older, making provisions for youngsters
  51. 51.Mother wit
  52. 52.No longer spoil office assistant, leading to anger
  53. 53.Italian astronomer, the first to study stars with a telescope
  54. 54.Englishman who wrote Studies in the Psychology of Sex
  55. 55.Defence of island group half destroyed
  56. 56.Scandinavian composer whose fourth symphony includes a "battle” between two timpanists
  57. 57.Racing to collect old record that reveals study of subcontinent
  58. 58.Those who behave ostentatiously to attract attention
  59. 59.Informally, one interested in stars, UFOs, aircraft etc
  60. 60.Study hill, not one that is a feature of Italian map?
  61. 61.Producing double refraction
  62. 62.It's ____ that could be anti a priest getting spliced
  63. 63.Mexican state which contains the port city of Boca del Rio
  64. 64.Silk cloth known to Scots and English
  65. 65.A Middle Eastern British Crown Colony, 1937-63
  66. 66.Look old-fashioned delivering glib speech endlessly
  67. 67.Jock's more beloved one to be found in bar
  68. 68.The cup in the Eucharistic prayer
  69. 69.In the British Army, ____s include bombardiers
  70. 70.District ruled by Brits, mostly badly, in South Africa
  71. 71."The whole ____ and caboodle” means "everything”
  72. 72.A love with little energy, feeble and silly?
  73. 73.European communication ignoring one head of state
  74. 74.Town of Caithness and the river it straddles
  75. 75.One of the world's biggest fjord systems, on the east coast of Greenland
  76. 76.Like a wave from a Parisian lover?
  77. 77.The dog in series 2-5 of Downton Abbey
  78. 78.Dad won a piece of fruit
  79. 79.Expression of contempt or exasperation, thought to derive from French
  80. 80."____, I smell the blood of an Englishman”
  81. 81.No longer enslave little woman slowing down
  82. 82.Pakistan's largest city
  83. 83.Elgar's Opus 36 is popularly known as the ____ Variations
  84. 84.Sage set out in one type of soil