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  1. 1.Ancient region encompassing modern-day France
  2. 2.Creature whose name derives from Latin words for "thousand” and "foot”
  3. 3.Jamaican reggae great whose hits include Wonderful World, Beautiful People
  4. 4.Number of pints in one quart
  5. 5.Spanish soup served cold
  6. 6.Punctuation mark often used to introduce a list
  7. 7.European capital formerly known as Christiania
  8. 8.Antiseptic substance formed from elements with the symbols B, O and H
  9. 9.Citizens of the country that shares borders with both Nicaragua and Panama
  10. 10.Swiss -, sponge, jam and cream confection
  11. 11.Main division of a play
  12. 12.Children's vaulting game
  13. 13.Greek goddess of peace
  14. 14.Audio effect often used by electric guitar players
  15. 15.Irish stage and screen actress who plays Harry's aunt in the Harry Potter films
  16. 16.Brad or tack, eg
  17. 17.1988 Enya No 1 sometimes subtitled Sail Away
  18. 18.Biblical hunter who shares his name with a piece from Elgar's Enigma Variations
  19. 19.Small French café or bar
  20. 20.Final book of the New Testament
  21. 21.Tiny air sacs at the end of the bronchioles in the lungs
  22. 22.Actress who plays Galadriel in the film trilogies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
  23. 23.Group of Scouts
  24. 24.Operetta by Franz Lehar first performed in 1905
  25. 25.Property in physics typically measured from crest to crest or trough to trough
  26. 26.Unit of electrical capacitance named in honour of a British scientist (1791-1867)
  27. 27.Italian birthplace of the founder of the Franciscan religious order
  28. 28.Last of the five Classic horse races to be run each year