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  1. 1.Vocally twangy
  2. 2.West Yorkshire market town on the River Wharfe
  3. 3.Compressed earth, tons removed from ground for fencing
  4. 4.US-born actor who had two UK No 1 hit singles in 1977
  5. 5.Extinct flightless bird of New Zealand
  6. 6.A quiet time away
  7. 7.Players at the outside of American football offensive lines
  8. 8.OK about crown of thorns, perhaps a cure for baldness?
  9. 9.A dated name for an Indian or southeast Asian sailor
  10. 10.Independent plant returning millions in rent
  11. 11.Champagne brand named after a monk
  12. 12.Prince Andrew's interviewer on BBC2's Newsnight in 2019
  13. 13.Sign of hesitation with more than one note that's double dotted
  14. 14.Proverbially, there are ____ as those who will not see
  15. 15.Hormone puzzling to anatomists
  16. 16.The Syd ____ Orchestra is a big band which played on TV shows hosted by Les Dawson and Ted Rogers
  17. 17.To cancel a computer process because of (or to avoid) an error
  18. 18.Unknown sound up north in concert once
  19. 19.Singer of the 1962 hit The Loco-Motion
  20. 20.Bird with grey back mostly and head of green
  21. 21.Epcot's ____ Earth is the theme park's symbolic structure
  22. 22.Dynasty of kings and queens? It could collapse
  23. 23.Hans Christian Andersen's The ____ is set in Switzerland
  24. 24.One of Berlin's two international airports replaced by Berlin Brandenburg in 2020
  25. 25.Turning light again as it was losing mass, a scientific phenomenon
  26. 26."What does the future hold if we allow the government to restrict our right to protest?” (____ UK website, currently)
  27. 27.Canadian actor, and rock band Dogstar's bass guitarist
  28. 28.Area by kiln that is under wood for burning
  29. 29.Bowler who took 7 for 68 on his England Test debut in June 2022
  30. 30.Stripped cane reading desk
  31. 31.____ starred with Juliet Stevenson in the 1990 film Truly, Madly, Deeply
  32. 32.Tree, minute one from SE Asia
  33. 33.The British Library and British Museum are in this London borough
  34. 34.Sister disconcerted with paste gemstone
  35. 35.Everlasting rock lyric he hums
  36. 36.City which, for 13 years in the 19th century, was the only European capital outside of Europe
  37. 37.Silence vocal fool
  38. 38.Tree for which London's Seven Sisters district is named
  39. 39.Scots duck, local bird near Kirkpatrick
  40. 40.The company which sold the early-1970s Pong video game
  41. 41.Campaign which effectively ended the Gulf War in 1991
  42. 42.It's under a monkey's foot found in Utah?
  43. 43."Modesty is the virtue of the ____” (Jean-Paul Sartre)
  44. 44.Area of the Southern Ocean north of West Antarctica
  45. 45.Practice cycling inside
  46. 46.The Islamic equivalent of kosher
  47. 47.Second good book from the east
  48. 48.Communion service liturgical hymn including "heaven and earth are full of your glory”
  49. 49."Old politicians chew on wisdom past / And totter on ____ to the last” (Alexander Pope)
  50. 50.Fillets on plate some insects have eaten, a number gone
  51. 51.UK 1977 Eurovision Song Contest entry by Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran
  52. 52.Retail outlet founded in Preston in 1985
  53. 53.Stronger men whirled round — this?
  54. 54.Obstruction of these may cause epiphora
  55. 55.Arrogance frequently apparent in pointless snarling
  56. 56.Pointed blades which follow coulters
  57. 57."The heroic lay is ____ now — / The heroic bosom beats no more!” (Byron, in Don Juan)
  58. 58.Hawk covertly gaining height circling a tree up north
  59. 59.Yeomen of the Guard or Yeoman Warders
  60. 60.Local low life around Lincoln, Massachusetts
  61. 61."Give me my nightly wearing, and adieu / We must not now ____ him” (Othello)
  62. 62.The "round window” of the ear
  63. 63.I read a thesis about the power used in dowsing
  64. 64.New wave band whose chart debut was Lookin' After No 1 (1977)
  65. 65.Plant genus I discovered in Kildare town
  66. 66.Originally, a member of a secretive sect in the Middle East, which threatened local caliphates and killed crusaders
  67. 67.Irish girl Siobhan regularly left embracing marine
  68. 68.In chess, the development of a bishop by moving one square to a long diagonal
  69. 69.Jewish equivalent of ravioli
  70. 70.Naive youngster at home with joint
  71. 71.The outer integument of some seeds and fruits
  72. 72.Runs out of elevated hole in mould
  73. 73.An unfair or unkind comment about someone vulnerable
  74. 74.What burns alcohol neat when in motion
  75. 75.Where there was coal stack in a barn
  76. 76.Thibaut ____, whose surname is a grape variety, finished third in his first Tour de France in 2014
  77. 77.English wearing a lot of high-quality kilts?
  78. 78.French department whose inhabitants are called Altiligériens
  79. 79.Current retired publisher does this
  80. 80.Digitally generated facial image used to identify a suspect
  81. 81.A French medieval singer-songwriter
  82. 82.Short trousers that could be spun
  83. 83.Plots of (usually) fictional works
  84. 84.Spy reported source of Norwegian cheese