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  1. 1.I'll pick up as I settled that old fight
  2. 2.Old term for an instance of flowing, eg of blood to the head
  3. 3.Pertaining to a notorious Roman emperor
  4. 4.To speak ____ is to do so unadvisedly or tactlessly
  5. 5.Bombay duck's fate in Mumbai when out of form
  6. 6.Communique about University estate
  7. 7.Comedy partner of Chesney Allen
  8. 8.Pollute river discharging foul material
  9. 9.Winner of the 1996 best actor Oscar for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas
  10. 10.Mushroom with squid, the best recipe out?
  11. 11."Dracula” as a 15th-century eastern European ruler
  12. 12.I see favourite's last, heading for local butcher's after losing Grand National!
  13. 13.The Swiss cheese plant is a member of this genus
  14. 14.To contain old men fighting, marine moves in
  15. 15.Tom's nickname which starts a Stravinsky opera title
  16. 16.The N of TNT
  17. 17.In Italian restaurants, this fish is called branzino
  18. 18.No time to blame European duplicity
  19. 19.A braid of hair
  20. 20.After closure of Barclays banks are finally gone, a blow to locals
  21. 21."The lost one” in The Winter's Tale
  22. 22.The brightest star after Sirius
  23. 23.The American football team once called the Baltimore ____ moved to Indianapolis in 1984
  24. 24.Men in East London are around fire
  25. 25."Acting is a masochistic form of exhibitionism. It is not quite the occupation of an ____” (Laurence Olivier)
  26. 26.Start to stay out more? Not guilty!
  27. 27.Dish often including mayonnaise and cress as well as its main ingredient, often used in sandwiches
  28. 28.Utah hometown of the Osmonds
  29. 29.Formation of pus, a little yellow and seeping so badly
  30. 30.Title for a high-ranking government official in the Ottoman Empire
  31. 31.Slow-paced jazz standard usually played with muted brass, written for Count Basie's band by Neal Hefti in 1957
  32. 32.Tree-dwelling
  33. 33.Onset of coronary left aircraftman in office job
  34. 34.Love yielding to tone in stringed instrument (guitar)
  35. 35.BBC sitcom with the characters Audrey fforbes-Hamilton and Richard DeVere
  36. 36.I can blame blundering on small discrepancies
  37. 37.French driver who won the World Rally Championship for six consecutive years
  38. 38.Spanish highness dancing late with Margherita perhaps
  39. 39.The "equal marriage” of reproduction in some organisms which are neither male nor female
  40. 40.International player entertaining league by way of defensive device
  41. 41.Early British immigrants in the Transvaal or Orange Free State (Afrikaans)
  42. 42.Decline to discard jack going after West
  43. 43.Pasta whose name means "large reeds”
  44. 44.Of land cultivation
  45. 45.Shell out spending last penny on return trip
  46. 46.Game in which players try to remove marbles from a circular playing area
  47. 47.Staff canteen's deserted by 10
  48. 48.In tennis, a ____ is used when a set score is six games all
  49. 49.Stubborn sort's reason to get the hell out
  50. 50.English pop duo of the Fairbrass brothers
  51. 51.Some mistake elderberries for Caribbean fruit
  52. 52.____ (Part 2) was Pink Floyd's only No 1 single, in 1979
  53. 53.Numpties after seconds is cheeky
  54. 54.From French garbled by Tommies, old-fashioned slang for "finished”
  55. 55.Indian numbering system name for 100,000
  56. 56.Celebrity
  57. 57.Good nursemaid, a goddess
  58. 58.The second largest of England's historic or ceremonial counties
  59. 59.Inability to eat a half haggis wrapped in plant
  60. 60.A ____ motorcycle is often called a hog
  61. 61."Straight”
  62. 62.One name for an annual Last Supper commemoration
  63. 63.French fiddler arranged score before start of concerto
  64. 64.2004 animated film with roles voiced by Will Smith and Jack Black
  65. 65.Conservative beset by shivering as he reads what's on sensational front pages?
  66. 66.Creature slain in the second labour of Hercules
  67. 67.1999 film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton
  68. 68.Made no money backing Cinderella pantomime
  69. 69.Romanian composer, whose Romanian Rhapsodies are among his most popular works
  70. 70.Quickly dropping Beefy when admitting hoo-ha
  71. 71.Richard Strauss tone poem inspired by a Friedrich Nietzsche work — its opening "Sunrise” section is heard three times in 2001: A Space Odyssey
  72. 72.Actress who voiced Ginger in the animated film Chicken Run
  73. 73.Drama school right to cut short monologues, they'll catch those going too fast
  74. 74.Striped and spotted wild cat in Central and South American forests
  75. 75.I appreciate that fast ability
  76. 76.Form of witchcraft brought to public attention by Gerald Gardner in the 1950s
  77. 77.Porridge is one being broadcast in instalments
  78. 78.1984 Tina Turner album, her first with Capitol Records
  79. 79.Worried about Thailand and Zambia involved in terrible feud
  80. 80.Italian coffee brand name often seen on a red square
  81. 81.Unproductive investing tip from Reader's Digest
  82. 82.Headland which is France's closest point to England