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  1. 1.Super -, 1980 single and album by Abba
  2. 2.Drop scones, possibly for consumption tomorrow
  3. 3.US singer of the 1970s hits You're So Vain and Nobody Does It Better
  4. 4.Roman general defeated by Octavian at Actium
  5. 5.Sally -, actress who played Mrs Brown in Paddington
  6. 6.Crumbly Scottish biscuit
  7. 7.Musical instrument played by Julian Lloyd Webber
  8. 8.Large sailing ship with three or more masts
  9. 9.Nut-tightening tool
  10. 10.Marx's collaborator on The Communist Manifesto
  11. 11.Nobel-winning US author of The Sound and the Fury
  12. 12.Siberian mystic who rose to a position of influence under Tsar Nicholas II
  13. 13.English legislative body in force from 1648 to 1653
  14. 14.July 4 in the USA
  15. 15.Light motorcycle whose early models could be started using foot power
  16. 16.Water sports garment
  17. 17.Member of a church following the doctrines of a German theologian (1483-1546)
  18. 18.Tough fibre used to make canvas and ropes
  19. 19.Hollywood A-lister whose film roles have included Jason Bourne and Tom Ripley
  20. 20.Astral or stellar body
  21. 21.Anagrammatic title of a satirical work by the Victorian author Samuel Butler
  22. 22.Diego -, artist husband of Frida Kahlo
  23. 23.Singer-songwriter who won the 2020 Mercury prize for his self-titled album
  24. 24.City of central France famed for its fine porcelain
  25. 25.House and safari park owned by the Marquess of Bath
  26. 26.Large siege engine that hurled projectiles from a sling
  27. 27.Citizen of a nation situated northeast of Fiji
  28. 28.RK -, Indian author of Swami and Friends and A Tiger for Malgudi