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  1. 1.Tree workmate cut down by morning
  2. 2.American shock rock band founded in 1973
  3. 3.Chevrotain going round grass mound rolling
  4. 4.The muse of history
  5. 5.Pravda condemned Shostakovich's opera ____ of Mtsensk as "muddle rather than music” shortly after Stalin saw it
  6. 6.Upton ____'s 1906 book The Jungle was about meat-packing workers, but created more concern about food safety
  7. 7.Sweden accepted aliens, backing centre for those helping the distressed
  8. 8.Two pages of Series B UK passports show Anish ____'s work
  9. 9.Ian ____ wrote the novels Amsterdam and Atonement
  10. 10.State control set-up is constrained by small amount of money
  11. 11.To dim (one's eyes)
  12. 12.Royal surrendering rule like in Richard III?
  13. 13.One name for a major pest
  14. 14.____ nouveau is a wine sold in the year of its harvest
  15. 15.I return our awful food
  16. 16.J ____, senator for Arkansas 1945-74, founded a prestigious scholarship programme
  17. 17.Boundless charity event, one that remains more rowdy
  18. 18.Someone acting in a consciously independent way
  19. 19.Lake Placid is in the ____ mountains in New York state
  20. 20.Vape offering formality about end of fag?
  21. 21.Jess ____'s decision to go "on t'road” starts JB Priestley's The Good Companions
  22. 22.Almost puncture close to kerb. Spare tyre?
  23. 23.Portuguese song genre, featured in a 2023 BBC Prom
  24. 24.Nearly no good, nearly type nothing
  25. 25.Feature of the flags of California, Panama and Tunisia
  26. 26.Obsessive after glimpse of flashing lighthouse in the past
  27. 27.John ____'s G has the shortest title for a Booker Prize winner
  28. 28.Quizzer from Scotland to search after answer
  29. 29.Informally, extremely wealthy people
  30. 30.Shopping bag overturned set of scales
  31. 31.Landform which is the remains of a sub-glacial stream bed
  32. 32.Fixed stake in agrarian terrain
  33. 33.Lollipop-sucking detective of 1970s TV
  34. 34.Note number plate on A road
  35. 35.Moon of Jupiter named after a foster mother of Zeus
  36. 36."Hary mugwort [. . .] had been put into deten by sigismund the mad maths master for saing ____ whenever a perpendicular was droped” (Nigel Molesworth)
  37. 37.Political principle, Keir's first added to road map?
  38. 38.____ was a spin-off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  39. 39.Liberal close to entering a ballot at pleasure
  40. 40.1957 Beckett play set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland
  41. 41.Alex ____ replaced Jonny Bairstow in England's 2022 T20 world cup squad
  42. 42.What'll encourage a woman to follow international rugby league?
  43. 43.John Updike novel, filmed in 1987
  44. 44.Possibly until I used . . . it's this?
  45. 45.The mineral pitchblende is a form of ____ dioxide
  46. 46.Iron ore which is the main ingredient of red ochre
  47. 47."God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers, / And ____ the thing we have prayed for in our face” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
  48. 48.Starts to shout noisily as pairs appear in this?
  49. 49.Bernard Cribbins appeared 114 times in this TV show
  50. 50.Plants often sold in pairs to put either side of an entrance
  51. 51.In road travel, a possible result of a leaky valve
  52. 52.Glacial mass lecturer besieged by environmentalists
  53. 53.One indigenous species around SA I lead
  54. 54.Hughie ____ created Opportunity Knocks, the UK's first broadcast talent show
  55. 55.Perform a favour; constrain someone else to do something
  56. 56.Spectre's blown up James with no justice
  57. 57.Song for Kate and her three suitors in Kiss Me, Kate
  58. 58.Slump? Money's short
  59. 59.The Great ____ of 1054 formalised the division between Catholic and Orthodox churches
  60. 60.Legendary relic once owned by Joseph of Arimathea
  61. 61.I tempt back current oil producer
  62. 62.Middle Eastern nation whose northern coast was ruled by Portugal, 1507-1656
  63. 63.Beginning to undo rope tangled round hard wooden block
  64. 64.Resin secreted by an Asian bug
  65. 65.Rhyming slang expression of incredulity
  66. 66.Iowan mob condemned witch
  67. 67.National Park in the Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain
  68. 68.Struggle wasting energy and time in office
  69. 69.The ____ near Lalibela in Ethiopia were one of the first 12 Unesco world heritage sites to be designated, in 1978
  70. 70.Search endlessly on Bing — it's what I do
  71. 71.The literary pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans
  72. 72.Bojo branded an abject rogue, he does occasional work around the House
  73. 73.Areas of rough water created by opposing currents
  74. 74.US football star headed ball, support lacking at the back
  75. 75.Womble named after a Siberian city
  76. 76.Sort originally from region around here? Not he
  77. 77.Staff on plane triumphed after first class run
  78. 78.Series which included Nuts in May and Abigail's Party
  79. 79.Idiot once more dropping nuclear weapon
  80. 80.Plant of the brassica family, an ancient source of blue dye
  81. 81.Biggest city in northeastern Italy's Friuli region
  82. 82.Pigeons generally regarded as safe besetting man in East London
  83. 83.High-value coin often mentioned in pirate fiction
  84. 84.Shakespeare's region cut crop that's ripe
  85. 85.A Sunday Afternoon on the ____ is one of Seurat's best-known paintings
  86. 86.Greater Manchester town where Reebok had its headquarters until 1984