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  1. 1.Thin transparent fabric
  2. 2.- Chapel, venue for conclaves to elect a new pope
  3. 3.Boxer adopting an unorthodox stance
  4. 4.Poetry without rhyming or metrical structure
  5. 5.Lemon-like fruit with a thick bumpy rind
  6. 6.Horse that won the Derby by a record ten lengths in 1981
  7. 7.Business magnate who founded Amstrad in 1968
  8. 8.Capital city of Oman
  9. 9.Accompaniment to haggis served alongside "tatties”
  10. 10.City where the heist takes place in The Italian Job
  11. 11.Flowering shrub also known as the sensitive plant
  12. 12.Actress Oscar-nominated for her role as Jane Hawking in The Theory of Everything
  13. 13.Britain's longest river
  14. 14.Ball worth three points in snooker
  15. 15.Sportsperson such as Chemmy Alcott or Franz Klammer
  16. 16.US scientist, the only person to have received Nobel prizes for chemistry and peace
  17. 17.US state capital associated with country music
  18. 18.Acclaimed US TV thriller series that starred Claire Danes and Damian Lewis
  19. 19.Variably coloured variety of quartz used as a gemstone
  20. 20.Dutch manager of the England women's football team
  21. 21.Measure of computer processing speed
  22. 22.Garment associated with the designer Mary Quant
  23. 23.- Powell, US secretary of state, 2001-05
  24. 24.Cataclysmic battle in Norse mythology
  25. 25.Dorset town featured in Persuasion and The French Lieutenant's Woman
  26. 26.Very vigorous type of rose
  27. 27.Novelist whose forenames were Edward Morgan
  28. 28.Lonnie -, musician known as the King of Skiffle
  29. 29.Quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides
  30. 30.Protein in wheat