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  1. 1.One validates constant, endless burning with instant resistance
  2. 2.Hopelessness in breakdown of society's physical structure, at being estranged
  3. 3.Synthetic paint or fibre
  4. 4.- Bucket, Patricia Routledge's incorrigible snob in the sitcom Keeping Up Appearances
  5. 5.Marker buoy or tub, locally and at sea
  6. 6.Sign covering papers held by commander-in-chief protected by shell
  7. 7.Small overnight travelling case or bag
  8. 8.Brewer's product protecting business against recession
  9. 9.Metal fastener associated with babies and punks
  10. 10.In greatest quantity, receiving a thousand cases of often fizzy grape syrup
  11. 11.Garden plant producing tall brightly coloured spikes of flowers
  12. 12.Perhaps a local character taking care of whitefish
  13. 13.Discoverer of the effect of relative speed on the observed frequency of waves
  14. 14.Slacker to board coach ahead of waiting line, with 40 per cent off
  15. 15.Pertaining to the liver
  16. 16.Cause of smell that's strong or faint, recalled between siblings familiarly
  17. 17.Author of acclaimed but abstruse novels such as Gravity's Rainbow and V.
  18. 18.Catch rain after treatment of wool-sorter's disease
  19. 19.Mythical continent said to have sunk into the ocean
  20. 20.Of two-party arrangements, just over half repelled fundamentalist
  21. 21.Family name of the 1982 and 2016 Formula One world drivers' champions
  22. 22.Hooded striker's supporter arises as spiritual successor for Celtic
  23. 23.Psalm for Mass's one in stony defence of Boers
  24. 24.Group of nine musicians
  25. 25.Simon Armitage's predecessor as poet laureate
  26. 26.Soccer's authority is in referee's colourful reprimand for Blues
  27. 27.Italian town square
  28. 28.Fred -, director of High Noon and From Here to Eternity
  29. 29.I suggest we turned across river, chasing evasive knave
  30. 30.Erotic feeling when stripping all curvy characters outside for reproductive stuff
  31. 31.Luxury rail service that ran from Paris to Istanbul
  32. 32.Pared-down Damnation of Faust with intermissions
  33. 33.Former unenlightened batter is off beam for breaking down doors
  34. 34.Jo -, Norwegian creator of the detective Harry Hole
  35. 35.Folklore creature resembling an elf or fairy
  36. 36.Flexible stone's desirable quality on both sides of a short pillar by end of arcade
  37. 37.To add difficulty, see about withdrawing Scottish legal charter
  38. 38.Ferrari's agreed to stop luxury cars being abnormally thirsty?
  39. 39.City with the world's largest metropolitan population
  40. 40.Smallest state twice catching very American smuggler involves scene that can make you smile
  41. 41.Official language of Benin, Gabon and Guinea
  42. 42.Man turns on doctor who's closing passages in temple
  43. 43.Post-industrial town to the east of Glasgow
  44. 44.In retrospect, only time reveals ultimate purpose
  45. 45.Construction named after John Lennon in Liverpool and George Best in Belfast
  46. 46.Point out ring from radials
  47. 47.US first lady from 2009 to 2017
  48. 48.Digestive processes disrupted in stomach if icy
  49. 49.James Bond adventure with Hugo Drax as its villain
  50. 50.Extreme conservative confusion beginning to ruin friendship
  51. 51.German bread typically eaten around Christmas
  52. 52.Shrub or flip's contents: blow and liquor
  53. 53.Chicken brood's left a little late in bed of shells and gravel
  54. 54.12-inch forerunner of the CD and DVD
  55. 55.Nationality of the West Indian cricketing knights Viv Richards and Curtly Ambrose
  56. 56.Oil producer's to appear to bury unpublished text
  57. 57.Very hot curry of Goan origin
  58. 58.Romanian-born pioneer of the theatre of the absurd