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  1. 1.One or two, for example, less feeling
  2. 2.Let water out of both taps spread in Texas, say
  3. 3.Politician I call, after uniform for referee's job
  4. 4.President's vow in ceremony for everyone
  5. 5.Not in favour of August, on reflection, in Caribbean location
  6. 6.With year out, struggling player's form drops
  7. 7.Tango's rejected by toy boy
  8. 8.Conservative pinching man's idea
  9. 9.Question on puzzles providing entertainment
  10. 10.Maybe rubber tree on which English females perched
  11. 11.Like the Blues song set to succeed
  12. 12.Pained expression when cutting very short ticket
  13. 13.A lot of money understandably can help at first
  14. 14.Slight pains: sore bum
  15. 15.Family broadcaster's screening with artist
  16. 16.Husband following Women's Institute's fancy
  17. 17.Two XVs in need of a drink with seconds to go
  18. 18.Spring to one's feet, in case of arm being fat
  19. 19.Defence from fighter boxing in the same place
  20. 20.Middle-Easterner, most sickly looking, at home with Scotsman?
  21. 21.A paper, it's said, that may get someone's blessing?
  22. 22.Endow with another look up or down?
  23. 23.Binge over, guy must purge insides
  24. 24.Mavis lost time with her fooling around
  25. 25.Envy festive, exotic figure
  26. 26.Card player leaving feast cut turkey
  27. 27.Substantially increase level — put cork back, partially
  28. 28.Frantic person doing marketing?
  29. 29.Fiddlestick that is used by rock star
  30. 30.Boy is good artist and bad actor
  31. 31.Soon desert old lover
  32. 32.Idiot grabbing first of poisonous snakes
  33. 33.Rough, jovial husband appearing late
  34. 34.A huge amount of sticky stuff: precious commodity, mostly
  35. 35.The writer's using short pens for statement
  36. 36.Malicious person sticking to soft drinks in bar
  37. 37.One who's near water abroad saving lives
  38. 38.Hammers backing you to become England football manager
  39. 39.Drive round with zero speed
  40. 40.Foreign ruler hosts small function for composer
  41. 41.Design ready with a pattern of lines
  42. 42.Person who drags loom
  43. 43.Intention to keep South West afloat
  44. 44.They suffer informal and formal attire
  45. 45.In flipping list, police showing flasher in road
  46. 46.Switch positions occasionally
  47. 47.Wobble from person summing up?
  48. 48.Not giving away shilling in commercial areas
  49. 49.Rancid meat, a smaller piece thereof
  50. 50.Converted triremes: most jolly!
  51. 51.Van to deliver greener sort of petrol
  52. 52.Maybe like the living dead in a ring, with axes not very sharp
  53. 53.Might war prisoner, perhaps, when meeting the queen?
  54. 54.General place to study poems cut by a line
  55. 55.Try air shot: you don't often see that!
  56. 56.Grass weeding tool picked up? Oh well