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23-March-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Applaud guerrilla leader with hesitation
  2. 2.Go to mess with shirty old scientist
  3. 3.Turning over weapon, a politician is useless
  4. 4.Remarkable help one man arranged
  5. 5.Digging up Chinese porcelain around home
  6. 6.Player earning roubles invested with Italian banker
  7. 7.Remembering career as bodyguard?
  8. 8.Greek character bugged at first by another
  9. 9.Hat raised by a politician given to delay
  10. 10.Fish in pool in Gloucester
  11. 11.Margaret keeping one next to Nancy's black robe
  12. 12.Most balanced article plugging southern shelter
  13. 13.Loose hood wife found in pass
  14. 14.Italian town's main road crossing smaller thoroughfare?
  15. 15.Make large container carrying eggs, principally
  16. 16.Boisterous enough to render sailor unconscious?
  17. 17.Primitive building primarily captured in a blog, oddly
  18. 18.Get out with this key
  19. 19.Ton pig eats new leather strip
  20. 20.White substance provided as one preparing joint?
  21. 21.It may be spun, in either sense of the word
  22. 22.Look — a ghost about to vanish!
  23. 23.Journey north to support soldier reveals pattern
  24. 24.Vital to tour hospital as part of routine
  25. 25.Candid work in French
  26. 26.British minister turning up for part of speech
  27. 27.Goddess in Paphos, undressed, tried to change
  28. 28.Technician denies power to ardent supporter
  29. 29.Curved structure builder ultimately installed in a church
  30. 30.One with an eye for sewing?
  31. 31.Fast runner no sporting type we're told
  32. 32.Coat to take to the cleaners
  33. 33.Tree finally planted during party? Nonsense
  34. 34.Dispatches drunkards outside house
  35. 35.Chinese religious system Maoist altered
  36. 36.Controlling chap meeting duke in Advent?
  37. 37.Colouring unknown in centre of Aden
  38. 38.Grim fellow visiting one-time sweetheart initially without bouquet
  39. 39.Extremely happy being in charge, likely to boom?
  40. 40.Sell archdeacon diamonds
  41. 41.Writer in bloom having to drop empty idea
  42. 42.Starchy class at Lancing originally
  43. 43.Fruit punch included black mineral
  44. 44.Caustic liquid left, yet unfinished
  45. 45.Be suppressed by old woman
  46. 46.A United Nations programme?
  47. 47.Privileged member wearing crimson is on the rise
  48. 48.Completely self-obsessed Romeo breaks fast
  49. 49.Way park-keeper restrains large murderer
  50. 50.Spies following lead casing the French port
  51. 51.Plain concept is revolutionary, used regularly as template
  52. 52.Remarkable as Odyssey evidently is?
  53. 53.Useful note that is received by religious community