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  1. 1.An unknown obligation's around that is causing concerns
  2. 2.Remains mostly outside a capital city
  3. 3.Scours harbour — with nothing like a walrus to be seen?
  4. 4.Top item California put inside bread roll
  5. 5.Referring back to subject of Felix, ever cryptic!
  6. 6.Search for missing note in cabin
  7. 7.Lass finally catching game, unaccompanied male
  8. 8.Unfairly punish small boys: one's contrite, finally
  9. 9.Want the French to cultivate tapestries?
  10. 10.Black ones containing family's swimwear
  11. 11.National Insurance in tax year is something worthless
  12. 12.Some yeti seen roaming mountain valley
  13. 13.Oral examination initially routine in all animal enclosures
  14. 14.What's hard and highly valued about the jumbo?
  15. 15.The sack around tavern is stored like wine
  16. 16.City centre line
  17. 17.Like sports drink, one drunk on ice, briefly
  18. 18.Simpleton's one point taking one in
  19. 19.Lawbreaking shot, perhaps before teeing off
  20. 20.Peninsula and related port in the Med
  21. 21.Resentment once of failure, gone bad
  22. 22.Like Jersey sailors to kiss amorously?
  23. 23.Vast human waste with any number devoted to luxury
  24. 24.Lift light beams that can be picked up
  25. 25.Move to avoid waltz's beginning during ball at court
  26. 26.Young monk's drama over wrong habit
  27. 27.Don't split up tasty fragments!
  28. 28.Is unable to swing round
  29. 29.Cancelling hair-removal treatment after losing weight
  30. 30.One is unusually sound
  31. 31.Bill holds port back
  32. 32.Message that's loud a mark of error
  33. 33.Once in the middle of kiss, hugged by imbecile
  34. 34.Sweets and drops the head confiscated outside class
  35. 35.Passion displayed by north eastern girl
  36. 36.Image of German holding most of 6 down
  37. 37.Taunt rich setter, not well
  38. 38.Refreshing drinks cat, I see, has upset
  39. 39.Brave Pole's broadcast that can be shown
  40. 40.Intended one for Resistance in country round Paris
  41. 41.Perhaps cut down rye whiskey after second
  42. 42.Bird is flying around in Italian port
  43. 43.A Conservative I defied verbally's become sour
  44. 44.Withdrawn train cut for engineering work?
  45. 45.Case of veal is lost
  46. 46.Goddess: I'm Swiss, oddly
  47. 47.Tilapia is freshest spit cooked
  48. 48.Fool on street is landing
  49. 49.One originating at Isle of Wight resort lacking second name
  50. 50.Old priest the Spanish idolised originally
  51. 51.Create difficulty for philosopher endlessly cut by left
  52. 52.Wife's got in mostly fish supper for working partner
  53. 53.Stasi moved to hold famous author
  54. 54.Tailor is fool to hurry back of blazer