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  1. 1.Aristocrat and king in outstanding environment
  2. 2.Yellow Sea for French shellfish?
  3. 3.I chuck bombs skyward, just missing a Republican hothead in Italy
  4. 4.Boom that was said to attract Doris's attention?
  5. 5.Less than average gent using public transport upset an unexperienced driver
  6. 6.Talk about the introduction of regional map
  7. 7.Improve a real-time broadcast receiving Oscar
  8. 8.Relatives during gentle run having a laugh
  9. 9.Elite forces circling around send for The Blues
  10. 10.Month compiler uncovered a group of eight musicians
  11. 11.Badly rusted cleaning equipment
  12. 12.Give new look to flag, dropping central element
  13. 13.Cold, solitary, eating variable pie from Italy
  14. 14.Took over undersea vessel, American, coming up on the sea
  15. 15.Brewed brink left for duck
  16. 16.Soldier in red gear going on manoeuvres
  17. 17.Freed, if not let outside hospital
  18. 18.Republican helping after president's lapse
  19. 19.Plan article supporting freshwater fish
  20. 20.Top brass in the army?
  21. 21.Tory crossing boundaries becomes a Red
  22. 22.Spanish food tramp eats occasionally
  23. 23.Say 2000 guineas initially captured Alfa Romeo vintage model?
  24. 24.Rope and ring in snout
  25. 25.Book — aka Inner Circles — and article not available earlier
  26. 26.Gradually turning Volume Six into English
  27. 27.Holy believer initially thwarts robbery
  28. 28.From superior keyboard instrument we hear something flowery
  29. 29.Centre of military operations in theatre of war?
  30. 30.Vast coniferous forest where wild cat heard
  31. 31.Rip-off artist finally duped novelist
  32. 32.Fat boy eating last of butter
  33. 33.Bird of prey's new cry of distress south of Devon river
  34. 34.Child catching Greek character who was an old monster
  35. 35.Actor entertaining game fan of drama
  36. 36.Healthy appetite by the end of day
  37. 37.Artist recalled church's curved structure
  38. 38.Polluted sea's vital waters
  39. 39.Kit currently adopted by Spain's premier clubs, perhaps
  40. 40.Back-to-back felines inside so disconnected
  41. 41.Familiar extremes of temperature during month
  42. 42.Old King Aethelred laboured with graft
  43. 43.Companion at home finally cut variable cotton fabric
  44. 44.Infantryman rereading novel
  45. 45.Register Nick held with both hands
  46. 46.Reserve small chilled desserts
  47. 47.Cursed wicked spirit renounced religious belief when killing knight
  48. 48.Time metaphorically affected the Opposition
  49. 49.Iris surely fled in a tizzy
  50. 50.Revolutionary workplace of broadcaster with large rating
  51. 51.General regularly puts out ally
  52. 52.Terminates recent court action
  53. 53.Panama hat, mag and his sandwiches...a peaceful chap
  54. 54.Animal protecting right area of body
  55. 55.Spooner lets me off when pinching the first bit of egg flip
  56. 56.Earlier file force deleted
  57. 57.Lascivious look of Lothario lacking companion
  58. 58.Pack animal arrived, then left
  59. 59.Rebellious conflict has troubled old kings
  60. 60.Well-bred one from stable background?
  61. 61.Hurricane winds becoming more earthy
  62. 62.Argument with rugby forward where he sticks his oar in?
  63. 63.Wide county, an ancient English territory
  64. 64.Trick husband, taken in by little fib
  65. 65.Bird of paradise appearing in earliest part of day?
  66. 66.Blather from firm's ultimate high-fliers, first heading off
  67. 67.Diocesan rally organised to defend women's church leader
  68. 68.Runs first-class cricket club at the borders for fun in Ireland
  69. 69.Old poet excited Wilde, say
  70. 70.Wow, Bernard Levin no longer popular? That's surprisingly novel!
  71. 71.Russian fighter nearly fell from sky? What a pain!
  72. 72.Great swimmer worried over extremes of climate in Canada
  73. 73.Drink tea and sherry regularly
  74. 74.Down, lacking energy, daughter always makes time for the old man
  75. 75.It helps to improve the atmosphere after one's kicked up a stink
  76. 76.Fictional doctor and wife visiting family member
  77. 77.Nearly new frame for Canaletto artwork
  78. 78.Observe answer in projecting feature's links leading to Hunter?
  79. 79.Scotsman's continental skipping rope
  80. 80.Appreciates accommodation
  81. 81.Riviera city accommodating eastern relative
  82. 82.Delete answer posed in Gaelic language
  83. 83.Period dresser auntie displays
  84. 84.Writer Jane — typical American — penning principally erotic fiction
  85. 85.Devil with tail up is annual visitor
  86. 86.Celebration justifies tasty sandwiches
  87. 87.Place to preach sensational stuff connected to Italian
  88. 88.Liberated grass-covered meadows
  89. 89.EU's ban angered ground beef producer
  90. 90.Be really into established summary publication
  91. 91.After, newsman wrote on social media
  92. 92.Bill feeding duck and lark
  93. 93.Ring first over satellite
  94. 94.Oscar, then out to lunch, meets Dorothy punctually
  95. 95.Blag dealer of supply
  96. 96.Rascal (and German!) coming in to make a half century
  97. 97.Chronic weak person eschewing R&B
  98. 98.Legendary strongman runs through Chelsea, strangely
  99. 99.Parking space that's been much used
  100. 100.Inspector lifted rule, overseeing one religious festival
  101. 101.Gasbag bishop shampoos little Christopher before the start of evensong
  102. 102.Large hollowed out yucca in colonnade having multiple fibrous stems
  103. 103.One reporting on those who make scenes?
  104. 104.Junk mail disheartened sysop in the morning
  105. 105.Animal hunted where excavations are carried out
  106. 106.Spread out and have fun after end of class
  107. 107.Foolish, sick arbitrator, ultimately good
  108. 108.Bikes encapsulating commercial for European archipelago
  109. 109.Launch parody
  110. 110.Twice-divorced royal female going on-line, getting a date?
  111. 111.One filling ruined his pork pies
  112. 112.Strategy to reduce risk beginning to hurt margin
  113. 113.Visible evidence of past civilisation is yet to be discovered
  114. 114.Follow upper-class, Liberal, boring online partner?

About The Times Cryptic Crossword

The times group has a wide variety of puzzles for its users and of that collection, the most interesting and engaging ones are their cryptic crosswords. These crosswords became popular by the name The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword when it was introduced in March 2014. During those early days, the puzzle was released only five day a week with the aim to create an interest among the people for crossword solving. The puzzles were challenging and soon caught the interest of the masses. Unlike the simple definition based crosswords, here the clue given to solve the puzzle is also a puzzle. You have to first be able to crack the clue to be able to fill in the most appropriate word and complete the puzzle. It is the ultimate test of your knowledge and verbal skills put together.

These cryptic crosswords are sure to keep you engaged for a long time and be your best partners in your solitary times. The clues are twisted and they make you think about a hundred possible options making your brain work at lightning speed. This exercise makes your brain sharper and enhances your memory power.

The Times crossword and The Sunday Times crossword both belong to the renowned Times group. The cryptic crossword is published daily from Monday to Saturday. These crossword puzzles can be played online through the Times Crossword Club. The Times Cryptic Crossword answers are published online on the very same day that the puzzle is released.

The Times Cryptic Crossword Contest

The Cryptic crosswords are published from Monday to Saturday and on the last day that is Saturday, there is a prize crossword.
The Prize Jumbo Cryptic Crossword is like the daily crossword but bigger and better. The crossword grid used for Saturday is 23×23 and the players have a chance to play their favorite crossword for a much longer time.

To enter the contest, one has to complete the crossword and take a print out the same. This has to be sent to The Times registered office with all your personal details attached. The entry to the contest can also be submitted online for members of the Crossword Club
The times quick cryptic answers are updated on a regular basis and accessible at all times. In case you prefer to play online, the Times Crossword Club is the place to be. This is a subscription based service and the offers the players with a host of other benefits like clue setting competitions, archive of old crosswords, prize crosswords and a lot more.

The Times Cryptic Crossword Author

The setters of the crossword puzzles of The Times group are highly acclaimed and all their names are present in the website but the unique thing here is that the setters are made popular with pseudonyms like Breadman, Grumpy and Joker. They follow the policy of anonymity and do not publish setter names along with the puzzle.


The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers

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