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  1. 1.Working in America getting billed regularly
  2. 2.Mineral supplement with endless highland spirit
  3. 3.Stupid to restrict island's power supply
  4. 4.Pilgrim, and their personal struggle if cycling?
  5. 5.Judge's long clothes adapted by English educational establishment
  6. 6.Drink making you sanctimonious?
  7. 7.Knocked around Northern Ireland and drove off
  8. 8.Drink with naval officer: remain seated with one in theory
  9. 9.Speak after cover up or disappear?
  10. 10.Launch programme with a vote, getting zero support
  11. 11.Article — no good — by hack, Polish language speaker
  12. 12.Captain given warning to turn back
  13. 13.All will be lucky as normal, handling trouble with reduced pot
  14. 14.Grasses on European copper
  15. 15.Poem disturbed Cyril
  16. 16.Huge volume on duke misused key, valuable source
  17. 17.Slight forgotten gladly by recipient ultimately
  18. 18.Yells about wound? Quite so
  19. 19.Forlorn, being without one's valet?
  20. 20.Bloomers made by drug agent: ones that can be viewed both ways
  21. 21.Treatment of initially acute hysteria proven to work
  22. 22.Predator in tavern immediately left
  23. 23.Lass's note found by small bottle, unfinished
  24. 24.A certain type of post to bury, and poles with it
  25. 25.They're far from the main sanctions to follow call for peace
  26. 26.There's only so much a bowler can take?
  27. 27.Wind up with a star ranking?
  28. 28.Nothing will stop sweet academic, that's certain
  29. 29.Money private investigator gets initially finding pet
  30. 30.Where one might stick out leg, moving around quietly
  31. 31.Betrayal of cause by Egypt's far right
  32. 32.Fish deep
  33. 33.Pass our people large cloth
  34. 34.Landed up in gaol, originally for disturbing city street
  35. 35.Wife ignoring important figure
  36. 36.Cold greeting in Greek letter
  37. 37.City lad caught in a tangle of feet
  38. 38.Element of poster perhaps one's cutting off the wall
  39. 39.Prize pig beginning to destroy item of furniture
  40. 40.Turning up in Galata, no end of new arrivals
  41. 41.Crops boasted about over time in America
  42. 42.Etonian pal mistaken for an Italian
  43. 43.Distinctive character of those moving last to first
  44. 44.Dominant part in final phase
  45. 45.Single carpet moved into bedroom perhaps
  46. 46.Exercising meant more endurance in the end, and a measure of puff
  47. 47.Accommodate expert after change of heart
  48. 48.Treasurer in charge of old sailors' hats
  49. 49.Female forger unusually taken with Old Etonian's old blazer
  50. 50.Model free to waste time meeting poet without family
  51. 51.Lieutenant protected by very thin shield
  52. 52.Habit of French writer to disavow absorbing chapter
  53. 53.Transplant trees and let develop
  54. 54.Fruit tree posed problem in need of answer
  55. 55.Repudiate participants in Greek overreaction after upheaval
  56. 56.Refusing to ignore last month's ruling?
  57. 57.Sweets go astray, what's more, that one's sent on in vain
  58. 58.Lower half of floor disappearing is concerning
  59. 59.Part where two players can pack a punch?
  60. 60.Try to make Republican leader? That won't fly
  61. 61.Correct leaders of European directorate in triplicate
  62. 62.Fine to stop topless sister's statue becoming something ridiculed
  63. 63.Youngster knocking over girl's pint
  64. 64.Female got up in the morning the day before
  65. 65.Most deprived youth returned clutching passes
  66. 66.Manages to get a hearing in these distant parts
  67. 67.The Speaker's indeed backing one supporting vote for justice?
  68. 68.Companion well informed about fashionable porcelain
  69. 69.Dastardly con destroyed police headquarters
  70. 70.Boys painted nude or in a skirt
  71. 71.Light fruit that contains extra energy for run
  72. 72.Husband no longer wanting sex in retirement
  73. 73.Fit Soviet leader moving in
  74. 74.I induce DJ to run with prepared work
  75. 75.Acrobatic performer making kids very excited
  76. 76.Dirt bus dispersed causes upset
  77. 77.Satellite's antenna for broadcast, but not seen
  78. 78.Rash to have abandoned first popular song?
  79. 79.Prophet very old woman recalled
  80. 80.Nick a Kandinsky perhaps
  81. 81.Occasion in January or November in part's cut short
  82. 82.Increasingly rowdy yob almost upset wine
  83. 83.Bit of lamb I threw in range
  84. 84.Way of working crank that has blokes entering tomb?
  85. 85.Piano to discard? That causes huge depression
  86. 86.Men taking a long time after pub to get home
  87. 87.Annoy king having a fortune but missing penny
  88. 88.Girl wanting story recalled evening of poetry
  89. 89.Better to leave case behind and walk
  90. 90.Druid oddly is no good
  91. 91.Unable perhaps to wriggle out of medical department getting rebuked
  92. 92.Declining privilege afforded exclusive patient, maybe, after day
  93. 93.Drink that is covering minute part of apron
  94. 94.Carried out overhaul of left wing papers?
  95. 95.Cook keeps trying not to offend old trendy
  96. 96.Calmly dishonest, taking in English court
  97. 97.Repugnant sailor with house by river split
  98. 98.Climber of mountains to live on one? That's wrong?
  99. 99.Just disagreeable head is missing
  100. 100.Windows outage?
  101. 101.Put up with TV regulator facing battle in parliament
  102. 102.Roman emperor's wife initially letting one through
  103. 103.Worry European drivers will go wrong way
  104. 104.Counterpart merely returning washing machine
  105. 105.Charlie may leave after knocking back drink
  106. 106.Want thing by church
  107. 107.Loss of home game is depressing
  108. 108.Letter governor sent in to Times needing answer
  109. 109.Written argument for holding game in a private area
  110. 110.Fuel, in the main hers, not for working large stoves
  111. 111.Start to cook tough vegetable
  112. 112.To avoid risk, appropriate one's back should be well protected!
  113. 113.Start to jeer, with pressure on workers

About The Times Cryptic Crossword

The times group has a wide variety of puzzles for its users and of that collection, the most interesting and engaging ones are their cryptic crosswords. These crosswords became popular by the name The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword when it was introduced in March 2014. During those early days, the puzzle was released only five day a week with the aim to create an interest among the people for crossword solving. The puzzles were challenging and soon caught the interest of the masses. Unlike the simple definition based crosswords, here the clue given to solve the puzzle is also a puzzle. You have to first be able to crack the clue to be able to fill in the most appropriate word and complete the puzzle. It is the ultimate test of your knowledge and verbal skills put together.

These cryptic crosswords are sure to keep you engaged for a long time and be your best partners in your solitary times. The clues are twisted and they make you think about a hundred possible options making your brain work at lightning speed. This exercise makes your brain sharper and enhances your memory power.

The Times crossword and The Sunday Times crossword both belong to the renowned Times group. The cryptic crossword is published daily from Monday to Saturday. These crossword puzzles can be played online through the Times Crossword Club. The Times Cryptic Crossword answers are published online on the very same day that the puzzle is released.

The Times Cryptic Crossword Contest

The Cryptic crosswords are published from Monday to Saturday and on the last day that is Saturday, there is a prize crossword.
The Prize Jumbo Cryptic Crossword is like the daily crossword but bigger and better. The crossword grid used for Saturday is 23×23 and the players have a chance to play their favorite crossword for a much longer time.

To enter the contest, one has to complete the crossword and take a print out the same. This has to be sent to The Times registered office with all your personal details attached. The entry to the contest can also be submitted online for members of the Crossword Club
The times quick cryptic answers are updated on a regular basis and accessible at all times. In case you prefer to play online, the Times Crossword Club is the place to be. This is a subscription based service and the offers the players with a host of other benefits like clue setting competitions, archive of old crosswords, prize crosswords and a lot more.

The Times Cryptic Crossword Author

The setters of the crossword puzzles of The Times group are highly acclaimed and all their names are present in the website but the unique thing here is that the setters are made popular with pseudonyms like Breadman, Grumpy and Joker. They follow the policy of anonymity and do not publish setter names along with the puzzle.


The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers

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