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  1. 1.Lump of earth
  2. 2.A short moment
  3. 3.City in South Africa
  4. 4.Small sweet or lozenge
  5. 5.Like an animal
  6. 6.Creator theory that rejects the idea of natural selection
  7. 7.Enthusiastically praise
  8. 8.Strong black coffee
  9. 9.Disaffected person
  10. 10.Come to nothing
  11. 11.Metallic element
  12. 12.Home designer
  13. 13.Never
  14. 14.Bay window
  15. 15.Relating to a neighbouring planet
  16. 16.Aspects, features
  17. 17.Rich pictorial tapestry
  18. 18.Respond excessively
  19. 19.Former printing machine
  20. 20.Power of an argument to convince
  21. 21.Book; ice
  22. 22.Statement of belief
  23. 23.Man-made object
  24. 24.Typo
  25. 25.Garden plant with spikes of flowers
  26. 26.Vegetable casserole
  27. 27.Weak through age
  28. 28.American unit of volume
  29. 29.Sport performed in a canoe-like craft
  30. 30.Cruel and brutal behaviour
  31. 31.Social standing
  32. 32.Disinclination to move
  33. 33.Mythical item turning metals into gold
  34. 34.Extreme fatigue
  35. 35.Stop (the flow of something)
  36. 36.Whip
  37. 37.Slumbering
  38. 38.Collection of writings published in honour of a scholar
  39. 39.Mary —, writer and advocate of women's rights
  40. 40.Numerical relationship; proportion
  41. 41.Go away!
  42. 42.Dandy's characteristic
  43. 43.Unexpected thing
  44. 44.Ornamental plant
  45. 45.Hybrid soft fruit
  46. 46.Something present only in male cells
  47. 47.Revolving
  48. 48.Delivery with minimum intervention
  49. 49.Quentin —, film director
  50. 50.Ivan -, Czech-born tennis player and coach
  51. 51.Gorse
  52. 52.Abnormal outgrowth
  53. 53.Passenger building
  54. 54.Mass of coagulated liquid such as blood or cream
  55. 55.Ancient neck ornament
  56. 56.Formal discussion
  57. 57.Slow to reveal one's thoughts
  58. 58.Rough, harsh
  59. 59.Recall; annul
  60. 60.Supple, flexible
  61. 61.Surname; end herons (anagram)
  62. 62.Cause a fuss
  63. 63.Island republic off West Africa
  64. 64.Laziness
  65. 65.Defence of the person
  66. 66.Razed to the ground
  67. 67.Lord —, Wodehouse character
  68. 68.Hold spellbound
  69. 69.Wet mass used to make paper
  70. 70.Jettison
  71. 71.Relating to heavenly signs
  72. 72.Continue; talk at length
  73. 73.Pre-conquest Mexican
  74. 74.One staying away from school
  75. 75.White-billed water bird
  76. 76.Owl's cry
  77. 77.Female religious recluses
  78. 78.Fail to understand correctly
  79. 79.Using the soft pedal on a piano
  80. 80.Balearic island
  81. 81.Pertaining to vision
  82. 82.Unyielding
  83. 83.Return to the beginning
  84. 84.Measure of reflection (of, eg, a planet)

About The Times Concise Crossword

This engaging and all inclusive crossword puzzle by Times group has gained a lot of popularity owing to its simplicity and interesting choice of words. These puzzles are very different than the usual cryptic puzzle where the clue is itself a puzzle and so is the solution. These are more definition based and the players are expected to choose the best possible word they can find and fit it into the given number of boxes. While there may be many possible words for one definition, only the one that will fit can be the winning answer.

These definition styled puzzles are your best companion when you have some spare time. If you are travelling or simply have some alone time at home, these puzzles can be played from anywhere. They are sure to enhance your vocabulary and knowledge at the same time. The Times Concise Crossword answers are published online on the very same day that the puzzle is released.

All the crossword puzzles are available online via a subscription service that gives multiple benefits to its users like access to prize crosswords and a very rich archive of all previously published crossword puzzles by the Times Group which includes The Times Crosswords and The Sunday Times Crosswords

There is one Concise Crossword that is published daily. It is also called as Best Daily Quick Puzzle and the definitions and one liner are very addictive in nature. The game gives its players the option of printing the crossword and playing it in the rustic old way using a pencil and eraser or one can also play it online. If at any point you are unable to get the right word, then you can simply click on the reveal button which is given at the corner. But don’t panic, the reveal button will not open up the entire puzzle and be a spoilsport, instead it will give you the option as to what you wish to reveal, the word, the letter or the entire puzzle. So just reveal the first letter and move on. Let the creative juices flow and you are sure to complete the puzzle. You can also time yourself and try to get better at this with each finished puzzle.

There are some clues with numbers on their side. In most cases there is one number indicating the number of letters in the secret word. If there are more than one numbers then it means that the hidden word is made of two or three words. As for example, Enjoying a winning streak (2,1,4) was the puzzle in today’s crossword and the answer to this was “on a roll”.

The Times group has a list of renowned puzzle setters but they follow the anonymity rule and maintain in high esteem, the complete list of all their setters.

The Times Concise Crossword Answers

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