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28-December-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Ahead starting off 9th, then all square, with Koepka finally besting Europe's No 1
  2. 2.Poet and his sex-fuelled overdose
  3. 3.6 with Queen overruling a page
  4. 4.Outlandish 8-point letter about hearing aid?
  5. 5.One of a pair used to clean plant
  6. 6.Where orders may be of help to stop Turkish leader being jailed
  7. 7.Old Jordanian ate nuts with banana
  8. 8.Vedette winning gong eventually -- entertaining English actress (old-school)
  9. 9.Lower half of 25 I brutally punish
  10. 10.Think too much about delivering eggs purchase
  11. 11.Film director improves boxing movie's trailer
  12. 12.Steamship docks in port over here!
  13. 13.Drop producer's best sci-fi films back-to-back
  14. 14.She's not common but would be if she gained a pound
  15. 15.Conceptually, they think timeless portholes must be scrapped aboard ship at sea
  16. 16.Population's not up, up or up to you?
  17. 17.After one, be blown away by Bergman when playing his signature feature?
  18. 18.Peerless rider clobbering Southern luvvies
  19. 19.50 men & women, 20+ birds and some bling is what you will have been sent by then
  20. 20.Opportunity to fire new extra hand
  21. 21.One of a host perhaps unfairly laid off day earlier
  22. 22.West African's takeaway battered eels
  23. 23.Measure of compensation from Blitz in area close to Ilford
  24. 24.Two gallons is drinking record for Swede's Xmas booze
  25. 25.Hunter having long how-d'ye-do in Wells?
  26. 26.Supply e.g. WI food for one who cared for bairns
  27. 27.Ex-CE guru
  28. 28.Some French Lilith, a victim of uxoricide?
  29. 29.Contents of yellower organic compound
  30. 30.Purse tiny child pinched by middle of week's peak viewing