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26-June-2020 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Answers 911

  1. 1.Tackle soldier accosting the woman wearing a plain woolly
  2. 2.English course in north-west, skipping excellent French course
  3. 3.Sounded out breaking contract, being of unsound mind
  4. 4.Close in on border south of central Accra
  5. 5.Regret taking on Liberal before run as PM?
  6. 6.Celeb snappers making turnover in less familiar publication
  7. 7.Rash kind of film thats cut by half
  8. 8.Boring scripture-packed commercial
  9. 9.Ones first scampi -- one erbert grabbing the middle bit
  10. 10.A particular kind of interest in ones underwear?
  11. 11.Missing Spain is relative -- Ill go to Portugal for free
  12. 12.Maiden fifty recorded after wild iguana holds game up
  13. 13.Go like a Transit?
  14. 14.Tight somewhere in America, involved in theft of pound, apparently
  15. 15.Floral patterns woven in this cardigan, notable for design
  16. 16.Sports event in pool where this persons invested half of capital
  17. 17.Displays with decorations navys presented followed song and dance
  18. 18.Something for cooking thats gastronomical or partly recycled
  19. 19.City should net cross by forward with great ability
  20. 20.Rear neighbour that makes parping noises
  21. 21.Broadcast by deerstalker who cares?
  22. 22.Place for kids distilling what Shakespeare did, often with a twist
  23. 23.Aquatic dipper, one of a pair
  24. 24.Nothing odd about bard -- odes well versed and makes sense
  25. 25.Mate being miserly -- about right, with average rise of lease
  26. 26.Leave as, say, saxophone backing comes round second time
  27. 27.Wild one inhabits pubs and clubs
  28. 28.Gloomy second novel unfurls endlessly